Most children believe in Santa Claus. Most parents think that’s okay too. But some parents do not agree to let children believe in Santa Claus. Which brings us to the question, Should children believe in Santa Claus?

Belief in Santa Claus is simply part of our culture. Santa Claus conveys certain truths, moral values, and guidelines in a child-friendly way. Santa Claus is an authority with which the child can learn that it doesn’t matter how they behave, that there is such a thing as good and bad, right and wrong.

Believe in Santa Claus | Should children believe in Santa Claus

It is absolutely okay for Santa Claus to address the children’s mistakes, so should children believe in Santa Claus? The consequences of undesirable behavior are quite appropriate. Of course no stick but if a child beats up his little sister, it is not inappropriate to threaten with the withdrawal of rewards. When parents say that they don’t know whether Santa Claus also brings presents to children who beat up their little sister, it is not black pedagogy, but a normal upbringing.

However, Santa Claus is even more important as a representative of the good forces who watch over the child, who ensure that everything turns out well. That is the basic information that every child needs. That is why there are fairy tales like the story of Harry Potter, stories that ultimately always deal with someone being in danger but being rescued because they are higher power is protected. 

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Children Need Imagination – Should We Believe In Santa Claus?

But isn’t there a difference between the fiction of fairy tales and novels and the myth of Santa Claus? Not for children. And not even for many adults. In the eighties and nineties, numerous television viewers thought our favorite TV character was real and did what they did in front of the camera and also that WWE was real. What seems a little strange to adults is not a problem for children.

Belief in Santa | Should Kids Believe in Santa Claus
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Children need imagination. This can be seen not least in the fact that small children sometimes downright refuse to give up their belief in Santa Claus. Even children who have already exposed Santa Claus as uncles or neighbors may be completely convinced the following year that the gifts come from Santa Claus. That shows that children want to believe in Santa Claus. Children have no problem with enduring certain contradictions because Santa Claus is part of the good forces in the children’s imagination. Ultimately, the most important incarnation of these ‘good forces’ is their parents. Seen in this way, Santa Claus is nothing more than a proxy for mom and dad.

For most children, it is not a shock to learn that there is no Santa Claus. It is more of a feeling which is quickly outweighed by the feeling of triumph to have discovered a secret of the adults. Parents don’t need to worry about losing their credibility. Children sense quickly that their parents didn’t lie to them, but wanted to give them a good experience by making up a story.

Kids believe in Santa Claus |  Should children believe in Santa Claus
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Children find out about Santa when they are ready. Parents can trust their children and leave this process to them. Usually, this happens when children start school. If an older child still believes in Santa Claus, it is not a cause for concern, but rather a sign of a lively imagination. We should perhaps ask carefully what the child’s friends say about Santa Claus but only to make sure that the child is not teased.

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Parents should listen carefully when their child asks them whether Santa Claus really exists. If you hear strong skepticism, you should come out with the truth like ‘So you’ve found out, it’s great, tell me how did you get to know’.

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