‘What is flirting?’ is a downright philosophical question. Flirting is very individual and lies in the eyes and ears of the beholder. What one person perceives as flirting is a nice conversation for the other and a real turn-on for someone else.

Flirt | Definition Of Flirt
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Whether a person gets involved in a flirt depends on many different factors. This can include the form of the day, the basic approach to flirting, mentality and cultural origin, self-assessment, and self-esteem, to name just a few.

Flirting Is Very Complex – Definition Of Flirting

Flirting is a highly complex, social game in which you should develop a lot of tact. There is a big difference between a mere meeting and a successful flirt. A successful flirt is something in which you tune into the other in such a way that no misunderstandings arise, but a certain tension is generated. Overall, the person being flirted with should feel good and ultimately want to learn more from the other person, so the question is what are the flirting signs.

Not Every Woman Perceives An Unmistakable Look As A Turn-on

On the other hand, when someone is picked up, they are addressed so directly that they feel taken by surprise, not taken seriously, or even offended. A pick-up lacks the subtlety and reserved attitude, which in the best case leads to fantasies or wishes during a flirtation.

Around a hundred years ago, open flirting was a taboo in the upper class. Still, people flirted. With numerous tiny gestures such as the blink of an eye, holding the umbrella, or giving flowers, we showed our interest in the other person. At that time there were real flirt codes, of which only a few are left today. The use of these flirt codes was very important at that time, as people had far fewer opportunities to meet other potential partners than they do today. The lives of young girls and women from well-to-do families, in particular, took place in their parents’ apartment, to protect them from romances that were unusual for their class.

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Flirting | Meaning of flirt
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Flirt portals, which can even be accessed on modern cell phones, make flirting easier. We live in a fast-moving time with technically unimaginable possibilities. Today, a lot of people flirt anonymously, i.e. in chats on the Internet, by email, or even by SMS. As an illusion, security seems to play a big role in both flirting and partnering. Partner exchanges, single meetings, and flirt schools are booming. Today there is less room for ambiguities or question marks when flirting. The methods have become much clearer and more unambiguous. Many also want a quick clarification or a clear result when flirting.

Is Every Flirt Erotically Motivated?

What are Flirting Signs? The statements made by the flirt specialists are controversial. Some believe that children between the ages of 1 and 2 are real flirt specialists. With their eye flirting, the typical contact with the other looking at them, looking away, stealthily looking again, and finally smiling, they can make it clear to their counterpart in an unmistakable way that they are interested in him or her. There is no erotic moment, so, is it the meaning of flirt.

Others assume that every flirtation contains a faint crackling sound or an erotic component. Today, the term flirting is wrongly applied to many things. It says, for example, someone is flirting with a camera. Such statements are simply modern pairings of terms. Others think that every flirting contains at least a touch of eroticism. However, that doesn’t have to mean that everyone who flirts is also after sex. Just as flirting in itself means something different for everyone, the motives for flirting are just as different and individual.

Looks Say More Than A Thousand Words

Usually, the first contact between two people is through the eyes. This first impression is particularly important for the quality of further interaction. Our brain can grasp and classify a personality through appearance, clothing, posture, voice, etc., just after just a few seconds. Researchers were able to determine that the brain only needs a tenth of a second to classify the face of the other person as likable and trustworthy.

Flirting | Flirting
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This first moment of eye contact is also a key moment when flirting. The eyes are the mirror to the soul and on a certain level, you can see a lot about a person when you look them straight in the eye. How long you look at someone or return the look, whether you are smiling or looking away, for example, can indicate at the beginning of a flirt whether you are interested in the other person or not. A lot happens in flirting on a non-verbal level.

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The widely acclaimed study on non-verbal communication and non-verbal competence by Albert Mehrabani with the 55-38-7 rule states that 55 percent of the external impact of a person is due to body language, gestures, type-appropriate, and well-groomed appearance, and eye contact, 38 percent is due to the sound and only 7 percent of flirting plays a role.

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