7 Signs Your Complicated Relationship Is At The Dead End

These 7 signs mean that your complicated relationship will never lead to a serious one.

We all have been through, or at least seen have seen, a complicated relationship where both the people are with each other, for, no one knows why?

The only reason why both the partners are still together in this overly complicated relationship is that of the hope of it being great and good again, actually, serious again. We all have been through the need of just being there so the relationship could again, or start getting serious. And, why shouldn’t it happen? After all both the partners have invested a lot of time in this relationship which ought to end in a happy wedding or at least commitment.

However, there are times when nothing like this happens and one needs to pack their bags and leave the heck out of the relationship. Complicated relationships stress a person like nothing else and no one wants to be in a constant war-zone relationship. Now if you don’t agree with us or don’t even know if your relationship is a complicated mess or not, then these signs will ease the problem out for you.

These 7 signs tell one, that their complicated relationship is near the end and nothing serious can come out of it. Which is why you should say a final goodbye to it.

1. Both Of You Are Confused Between The Relationship Being Complicated Or Not

If both the partner in a relationship don’t even know if this is a real deal or not, then how can it become a real deal? An undefined relationship usually ends up to be an undefined relationship and even ends with this term. Talking about what you both actually are is great in terms of communicating with your partner.

2. You Have Broken Up Multiple Times.

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Break Up is nothing like it used to be the first few times and now you both don’t even remember the times when it has truly happened. Being an on and off a couple for a long stretch of time highly affects the reality of a relationship. A healthy relationship is when both try their hardest to be together and not break up with each other over the type of food that they want to have.

3. There’s No Talk About The Future.

When there’s no talk of future, then there’s no future. If anyone from both the partners, is constantly trying to avoid the conversation about the future then you ought to know that they don’t see a future, which means there’s nothing to be serious about it.

4. You’re Constantly Trying To Change Each Other

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source: Giphy

You fell for a person because of who they were, then what’s the point of now changing them? Plus, a healthy relationship is the one where you change with each other and not for each other. Everyone wants to be in a relationship where their partner loves them entirely and doesn’t look for instances where they can change every small thing about them.

5. You Don’t Involve Each Other In Important Events.

From a birthday party to a wedding, if you’re not being involved or even informed about the major events in your partner’s life then, I guess, it’s the sign of how they don’t want you to be there and know it. This is not at all a sign of a healthy relationship that would go on for a long time.

6. If The Other Person Is Entirely In This Relationship.

The fact that your partner or you are not devoting yourselves entirely in this relationship, speaks of how not-so important it’s for both the people. Cheating or not, a healthy relationship requires both the parties to be in it to win it and if even one of you is not there completely, then it couldn’t be won (or can even be finished).

7. You Convince Yourself And Other That You’re Happy

source: Giphy
source: Giphy

If you’re constantly convincing yourself and others around you that you’re happy, then my dear, you’re not. Because you don’t need to convince yourself to be happy, you need to feel the happiness in the position and time that you are. And, if you’re not in one of those places, then please say the much-needed goodbye and pack all your hopes from this relationship.

If you check every one of these signs from your own complicated relationship then please do yourself a favour and say the much-needed goodbye.

20th July 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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