7 Secrets Of Men That You Should Know!

Hola People. Enough talking about relationships, sex, and mostly women. We have seldom talked about men especially their emotions other than sex. Women are complicated and the world knows it. They have a reputation for being the complicated gender but the truth is men are far more complicated and secretive.

Men can be pretty confusing with their secrets buried down in the depth of their hearts. Refraining from letting them out in the fear of society or just maintaining the stereotype. How many of you have wondered that why isn’t your partner responding to your texts or talking as previously? No matter how much we women try, we can never jailbreak the mind of men.

So here are a few secrets of men that you have been longing to know but they never told you.

1. Insecurity Is Not An Alien Term To Them.

Image Source: filmibeat.com
Image Source: filmibeat.com

Men do feel insecure. They may seem very strong and careless but the truth is that they too have insecurities that they never reveal. So next time you wonder about something like this, just remember, he may never show it on your face but deep down there, he is feeling it.

2. Dating Pressure Is A Real Thing.

image source: londonirishsingles.com
image source: londonirishsingles.com
While we see most of the men initiating the talk and ask for a date, we tend to believe that they are a pro and don’t feel the pressure of dating. The truth is, from initiating to pursuing the relationship, there is a lot of pressure on them which makes them work even harder. So he is not doing all those lovey-dovey things because he knows it all.

3. They Really Don’t Know What’s Going On Your Mind.

image source: bridebox.com
image source: bridebox.com
When he asks a question and you think that he already know the answer then why is he asking, you are highly mistaken here. They actually don’t know the answer to that question. He genuinely wants to know what’s wrong. Just tell him and be completely honest with your feelings.

4. The Tough Act Is A Cry For Help!

image source: okchicas.com
image source: okchicas.com
Men have been told to be strong or act strong but the truth is that they are human and feel everything with the same intensity. The saddest part is that they can’t discuss it with everyone as they will be judged for that. They would never ask for help, so whenever you feel that there is something wrong with your guy, just sit and make him talk.

5. Fear Of Rejection.

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image source: baselineresearch.com
Rejection is not easy for anyone. If he is not committing to you soon, don’t back off, give him some time. He may be reserved till the time he is not sure that you are not going to break his heart. He is just taking his time and guarding his heart.

6. They Want You To Carry Their Secrets With Your Grave.

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If a man is opening his heart to you then he just wants you to keep it with your self. There are a hell lot of things he never told anyone. He expects you to keep it as your secret. Make sure you are not spilling the beans about his talks with your or his friends.

7. He Wants Your Happiness.


Your partner may make many mistakes but all he wants is to make you happy. He can not hold a hundred percent record in that but believe us it makes him proud to see you smiling. Just remember he is trying for it.
We know it’s not all the secrets you were looking for but we are sure that these will help you understand him better. Be more generous towards him, it can really improve your love life.


18 October 2017
Avni S. Singh

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