Hola Ladies. It doesn’t really count if the guy you are dating is sensitive and romantic or he is macho. After a certain amount of time, things tend to get monotonous even after you work your magic. The spark doesn’t necessarily fade away but it does get buried under the rusty approach of emotions. How many times we have cribbed about the not so perfect feeling of our perfect relationship to our BFF owing to the fact, the man in love started to seem careless? I know, countless.

Now you can’t really blame yourself for expecting romantic things and gestures from your boyfriend, however, you can change the game all by yourself. Wait! Don’t jump off your chair just yet.
It can be done at the snap of your finger. All you have to do is, to keep in mind to include guy friendly romantic things and gestures in your routine.

What Are They? Here You Go:

1. Keep A House Party And Prepare For It Together.

source: HBO
source: HBO
Do it. Invite his bros and ask him to do all the preparations together. Play the music and start cooking. Tease him in the middle of chopping and baking, or steam it up by spontaneously asking him to dance with you on that music. You guys will feel more connected.

2. Surprise, Surprise!

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Book the tickets of an event, game or movie that you think he would really like and surprise him. What would you get? Extra brownie points, a memorable Awww moment and he will treat you whole evening like a princess.

3. Message Delivered.

source: onlyyouforever
source: onlyyouforever
I am not talking about the virtual text here. I am talking about short handwritten notes or sticky notes. Leave him loving messages in an unexpected place such as the dashboard of his car or at the back of his tv remote. Let him know that you care more than he knows.

4. Music Magic.

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Love music? well, who doesn’t? Search for local pubs and bars that play live bands and music. Pick one that you two are completely unfamiliar with and check it out. The new place will enhance the curiosity and if he ended up liking that band, he will thank you for planning this date.

5. Bring Back The Childhood.

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One thing that is clearly not a secret is, every guy wants to stay a kid. Ask him about his favorite games as a kid and plan a date where you can do all that stuff together. Also, ask him about his favorite food as a kid and take him to an eatery where you will find it.

6. Go Shopping

Not a regular spree where you buy clothes or footwear together. Go to an adult store together and shop new toys for your sexy nights. A boost to his testosterone will do the trick.

7. Take A Vacation!


It always works. A new place and a new sex room add a sense of adventure in your relationship. You can either plan a luxury vacation or book a hotel in your city. Just the change of the space would make it enticing.

So, ladies, these are some romantic things that can lure your distant man back in the sheets of romance. So start today and this time swipe him off his feet. Goodluck!


2 November 2017
Avni S. Singh
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