Hola people. Usually, I start with the common issues that revolve around the topic of sensuality but today let dive deep into emotions and summon up the reasons for – Why most women are likely to fail a beautiful, relationships. I am not blaming it on them, don’t get me wrong, in fact, being a woman myself I am focusing on my gender first. It is easier said than done that you should look into your flaws first before pointing out errors in someone else, so ladies be patient I will write about the mistakes made by men as well but today, it’s “us vs us”.

I have heard enough stories of breakups from men and women both and believe me it amazes me how humans are sabotaging their powerful emotions every day. After reading over and over about what makes a couple so in love, fall apart I have realized that it’s the minimal things that we avoid. These things appear so tiny that we often forget that they could make such a destructive impact on our lives.

Forgetting Dates
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Both the gender have their own unique conscious to navigate the world. Women, on the other hand, a complicated one because most of the women use the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for expressions and emotions, hence everything in this world becomes a matter of the heart for them. Women interact in a distinctive way, they look at the world with many outlooks. Same happens with the relationship, a woman in a relationship is nothing like a man in a relationship, the diverse thought process which brings them together, sometimes also make them fall into the negative sphere.

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To help you understand it better, here I have a list of common mistakes that women make in a relationship.

1. They Don’t Value Themselves.

My dear fellow women, do you like to be treated poorly? No. Then why are you keep going back to the same kind of guys who seem cool and attractive? I know that most of you are attracted to unavailable guys and are deeply scared to ask what you want in a relationship. Stop waiting for a miracle, that someday he will look at you like magic.
Bad Date
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That day will never come if you don’t start respecting yourself. It may sound harsh but the fear of ” Not Good Enough” and “Not Meant to Be Loved” is killing your happiness. Break free and love yourself, so that the guys out there could see what an amazing person you are.

2. Accept That You Don’t Understand Men.

There is no need for constantly exhausting yourself in deciphering the brain of a man. Don’t do it, you don’t need to read his mind, you simply have to inspire him and appreciate him and bring the best out of him. When you try to decode his expressions the chances are that you will fail because he is not as complicated as you which makes him more complicated because you lack knowledge of dealing with simple things in life.
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Women have always been taught to push their limits in terms of emotions that’s why complicated emotions are simpler for them. Don’t try reading in between the lines, just ask what you want to know.

3. They Make Men The Victim Of Their Criticism And Try To Change Them.

Now ladies, no matter how much you try to deny this fact but deep down in your heart, you know that you do it. Most of the women fail to understand the beauty of loving the person as he is. They don;t accept the flaws and try to change the man. Your criticism is making him feel inferior and men need to feel worthy rather than someone who is constantly getting criticised for one thing or another.
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Women do it because they have brought up to be the caretakers of everything around them but with men, it doesn’t work well. Don’t try to change him with your complaints, demands, and taunts. If you think that there is a scope of improvement, let him realize that on his own so that he could improve himself to be a better man for himself.

4. Women Fail To Create Memories, Everything For Them Is Dramatic.

Women are complicated and we all know that. men usually try to tackle problems simply and they avoid any argument or fight in a relationship but women, they appear all worked up always. Rather than looking for the solution, they overhype everything in their head. Men like to lay back and enjoy their me time, they like to take life easy.
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Image Source: romanceways.com
Women don’t understand it, for them, there is a constant urge of knowing what is happening, even when nothing actually is happening. They fail to understand that creating a facade out of nothing would never make things better.

5. You Are Always Looking For A Man To Complete You.

Seriously, ladies, that’s not a man’s job. I am glad to see that a few women are realizing this fact and searching for a partner who can love them rather than complete them. You are whole, and keeping such attitude towards yourself is making you unworthy of others love. Invest in yourself, love yourself, and attract all the love in the world because you are capable of everything and you are certainly not a broken piece of soul who is finding it’s another half.
Six Common Relationship Issues With Their Solutions
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When you will realize that it’s important to connect with yourself first, you will find that you can connect in a better way with someone else.

You achieve everything in life with efforts and preparation. Be the beautiful, amazing, interesting and understanding person that you are and make sure you avoid making these mistakes in your relationship. I am certain it will bloom more than ever.

Stay in Love! Adios!

23 August 2017
Avni S. Singh
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