Hola People. I promised that I will write about the version of guys mistakes too and here I am. Well, I am a woman, and it took many discussions with male friends, colleagues and reading a pile of articles to gather the information I needed for this one. But I am glad I did because I realized that there are many perspectives that I was unaware of. But I realized that I was right when I stated, “Both the gender have their own unique conscious to navigate the world” in my previous article.

Like women, men too have a specific pattern of how their brain works. it is less complicated and is more focused on completing the tasks and achieving the targets or completing a mission. Since ages, they have been told to suppress their emotions and be ready for war or any mishappenings, they have been told to be the protector but physically. You may wonder why the hell men are like this? The truth is that our history (in some aspects) and the body chemistry is to blame for this.
image source: media.giphy.com
image source: media.giphy.com
Men too are clueless when it comes to a relationship and believe me when I say this that most of them are still finding a magical guide which can show some light to them in the matter. What to do is necessary but to know what not to do or what you are doing wrong makes all the difference.

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Here Are 5 Common Mistakes Men Make That Are Making Them A Failure In A Relationship.

1. You Are Irrational.

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image source: img.buzzfeed.com
Women ooze with feminine energy which makes them crave for love and your presence more than you know. They want to feel protected and loved and most of all they want you to be their rock. They want a man who they can trust, who can let them be. When you behave haywire, indecisive, fearful, or uncertain, it may be the matter of your mood for you but to her, it starts to break the connection and before you know it, she loses her interest in you. You seem unattractive and untrusting and believe me, when most of you stay busy playing cool with such uncertain behavior, that’s when she decides that you are not the kind of guy she wants to be with.

2. You Don’t Give The Importance She Deserves.

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I would never understand, why men look at every woman as a trophy. Before they get into a relationship, they would make the woman feel like the queen of the world but once they get into a relationship, the same woman becomes less important. Being successful is easy but maintaining that success is difficult. You would never sustain if you don’t understand that she deserves all the importance in the world even after falling hard for you. Men usually make other things important, take their partner for granted and she feels ignored because it’s your attention that she needs and you are investing it somewhere else. I am not saying that you should keep your focus only on her and leave other things behind, but don’t let her feel overlooked or else she would not take much time falling out of love. Don’t forget to make her feel special.

3. You Don’t Make Efforts To Build Trust.

image source: chaostrophic.com
image source: chaostrophic.com
Men are less emotional than women and that’s why they tend to be way less committed in the few first stages of a relationship. On the other hand when a woman process emotionally which is why she becomes more serious and committed, even in the early stages. Now, when a woman gives all of her heart, she looks for the same, but men fail to understand that it’s not the matter of commitment, it’s the matter of trust. In the early stages, a man often looks for other options as well, but he didn’t realize that he is threatening the trust of his existing relationship which could go long. Once you lose or threaten the trust, it’s almost impossible to regain it. Always and always think twice before when you show you are not ready to commit, it would be easy if you can let her know everything transparently.

4. You Are Too Much Involved With Yourself.

hey Invite Us To A Family Event And Forget That We Were There At All.
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Okay, I understand that your brain is wired to pursue a mission and achieve goals but dear men, you aren’t only meant for solving things and fixing problems. If you will never step out of your constant need of doing work and shining in your career, how would you ever know that there is a whole other side of life? Men who spend a lot of time in their own space, often fail to provide the enough time to their love life which makes it impossible to work. If you are in a relationship and a workaholic or not making enough time for her, chances are she is already thinking of you having an affair in her head. That’s not entirely her fault, it’s almost impossible to understand for a woman that your needs are being met in the sphere of work and the relationship. When you don’t make the effort, you are being unfair and eventually, you lead her to think that may be it’s not what you want.

5. You Have No Idea What You Want In Life

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You can have all the promotions in the world, get raises, complete a project or help a friend get over a serious issue. You can be the most amazing person in the world but, if you don;t know what you want out of your relationship in life, it’s never gonna last. You being indecisive about her, is not even the last thing on earth that she needs.

In hope, you have registered all of the above details in your mind and thought of working upon these. It is completely your choice but all I want is to tell you that, if you don’t start making changes in your approach towards a relationship, you will be alone forever.

Stay In Love. Adios!

24 August 2017
Avni S. Singh
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