4 Things To Remember When Life Throws Lemons At You!

We, who are we? Humans, vulnerable to emotions, swayed by affection, won by love, dishearten by hatred and hurt by anger. No matter how many machines we build or how advanced we get in the field of technology, one thing that will always be one step ahead of us is, LIFE!

These four alphabets are easy to say, write or define but living these alphabets is far more complicated than it looks and the worst part is, that we are living in a mystically disillusioned era where achievements are shouted out loud, and complications remain hidden because they are perceived as the howler of failure and no-one wants to be a loser in life. BUT!
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The truth is we all are a loser in our lives (may be on different timelines), no, I don’t mean that we have achieved nothing but take a minute and look back – There were times when nothing goes as planned and your confidence was crushed to the core, isn’t it? Yes, and it’s completely okay. Life is hard and it’s a perfect blend of ups and downs.
We all have had days or maybe years where life seemed like a doomed star, nothing was going our way. It was like an unending season of autumn, nothing was working, every day was frustrating and Oh God! The mornings of such times are the saddest, you just don’t feel like leaving that bed and stepping out of your home. I am sure all of this sounds familiar and believe me I was there, just a few months back, I have had all these bad experiences where there was only one question which kept running in my mind, “When will it get over?”

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Living through that time, I realized that you cannot run from the struggles of life but making your life a living hell is completely optional. I know if you are going through a stressful period in life, this may sound confusing, but the destruction of your life in this period is in your hands and only you can save yourself.

To make it easier here I have four things that you should remember even in this reckless time, these principles will make your suffering bearable and give you hope to hang on till everything turns into a bright, shiny beautiful living.

1. Circumstances Are Not Stronger Than Your Character!

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You can’t always control what happens to you but you can always choose to respond. How you deal with everything defines your character towards life and problems. If you will keep complaining about things around you, soon your life will become a complaint sheet where you keep piling up your disappointments. Rather than complaining about everything, be thankful for whatever little you have. It may sound biblical but keeping a positive attitude works like a magnetic charm, regardless of whatever you are going through just being optimistic in life.

2. These Struggles Are Making You Stronger.

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It is true. Whatever difficulties you face in life, if you can over come it, it makes you stronger than before. So, do not let these struggles break you down, keep fighting with more hope, faith, and strength. You can win this and every other situation that could be a problem for you. You are stronger than these changing times.

3. Your Plan Will Workout At The Perfect Timing.

Source: The Huffington Post
Source: The Huffington Post
There are kids who are gaining fame and being called successful at the age of seven and there are people who are getting popular or being recognized at the age of seventy. You can not compete with time but not giving up will make all the difference. Working towards something in life is easy but being consistent towards it even after failing a couple of times is the key to achieving it. Remember, patience and hard work, together form a magic flower that blooms after you irrigate with hope, faith, and loyalty.

4. Remember That Change Is Constant.

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There will be days when you will feel that may be you are bound to have a bad life and you will feel like surrendering to these circumstances but don’t do it. Simply because the life you are living was never like this before and it will never remain the same. Life changes, sometimes overnight, sometimes within years but settling for less will never let you see what was on the other side the struggle. So believe in change and never accept the bad timing as your fate.

I hope these 4 things or principles have given you some strength to keep looking for better days. If you still need a reason to keep looking for the greater good, here is a quote of one of my favorite writers “What you Seek Is Seeking You”. Seek happiness and everything will turn out to be good. (Don’t forget to put efforts for it).

25 July 2017
Avni S. Singh
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