Well if you ever worked out you would know that the one part which cannot be worked enough is your abdominal area, especially your lower abs. This specific area looks the same no matter how much you work out on them, except for when you give focused attention. You need to incorporate some effective and hard lower abs exercises to target this particular region.

Exercises for Lower Abs

There can be tons of reasons why one might accumulate fat in the lower tummy region, hormones, bloating, or actual junk. But doing some lower abs exercises and consuming a clean diet can have a tremendous effect on it. Check out some of the best lower abs exercises here: 

1. Straight Leg Raise – Lower Abs Exercises

This is one of the best lower abs exercises that everyone should do at least once a week. 

Lie on your back and keep your hands under the small of your back, just above your hip. Keep your core tight and lift your legs slowly above the ground, bringing them to a right angle with your torso. Slowly lower them back to the ground but don’t let your heel touch the ground hold it for few seconds and then again lift it up. If you have any kind pain in your lower back or if you feel any strain don’t do this move.

You can also do this exercise on a pull-up bar or on parallel bars. Hold a pull-up bar, and keep your core tight and raise your legs slowly off the ground to a hip height making a 90 degree with your upper body. If you’re a beginner you can bend your knees, otherwise, you can keep your legs straight for more contraction on your abdominal muscles.

Straight Leg Raise | Lower abs exercises
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2. Mountain Climber – Lower Abs Exercises

First, keep your body in a high plank position with your body straight, your arms stretched out and your hips horizontal. Lift your right foot and bring your right knee to the chest between your hands as if you’re hitting your chest with your knee. Return your right leg to plank position now lift your left foot and bring your left knee to chest between your hands repeating the same motion.

Mountain Climbers | Lower Abs Training

Continue to do this as quickly as possible. Keep your core tight and try not to raise your hips.

3. Slider Pike – Lower Abs Exercises

For this exercise, you will need a towel or a piece of cloth that can slide easily on the floor. First of all, keep your body in a high plank position, keep the cloth or the towel under your feet, squeeze your abs and pull your legs towards your hand and raise your hips making a posture like an inverted “V” then push your feet back to the starting position.

Slider Pike | Lower Abs Exercises
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4. Plank Hops

Start by keeping your body in a high plank position, keeping your palms flat, hands and shoulder-width apart or more depending on how you do pushups, shoulders placed just above your wrists, legs extended fully, feet together, and core tightened.

Keep your abs tight as you squeeze your quad muscles to keep your legs together while you jump with your feet forward to the right, bringing your knees towards your right elbow.

Plank Hops | Lower Abs Exercises
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Bring your feet back to the starting position, and then jump your feet forward but this time to your left, drawing your knees toward your left elbow. Jump your feet back together. This is 1 repetition.

Start at a slow pace and focus more on the right form. You can speed up the pace as you get more comfortable with the movement in the right form.

5. Reverse Crunches

Reverse Crunches

This exercise is just like the normal crunches just the motion is reversed. Lay on your back with your legs in a tabletop position (knees bent at a right angle and placed just over your hips). Keep your hands behind your head, bend your elbows while pointing them out to the sides, or just keep your arms on the floor by the sides of your body for a stable posture.

Use your abdominal muscles to keep your shoulders above the floor. Using your abs slowly raise your hips off the floor, drawing your knees toward your chest then slowly lower your hips and legs back to the starting point. This is 1 repetition. Continue the same while keeping your posture right.

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So these were some of the best lower abs exercises and they will surely fire your lower abdominal area. While doing these exercises keep in mind that your posture and form are in the right form and no kind of strain should go on your waist.

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