The higher the temperatures rise, the more unpleasant the smell of the waste bins becomes. This is especially true for the organic waste bin. Even a smelly trash can inside quickly spreads its stench throughout the apartment. The unpleasant smell can be easily contained with a few simple tricks. Let’s see how to keep the dustbin smell-free.

How to Remove Bad Odour From Trash Can | how to keep the dustbin smell free
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Food scraps and garden waste decompose more quickly at high temperatures. If they are then pressed and stored in a garbage can without fresh air, a stench develops. Fungi and bacteria multiply unchecked under these warm, humid conditions and the foul-smelling bin is also an ideal breeding ground for insects.

Empty Trash Cans More Frequently in Summer – How To Keep Your Dustbin Smell-Free

It is a basic tip that applies to any trash can, empty it more often. The intervals should be short, especially in summer. Take the organic waste outside at least every day. To be able to keep this short interval better, it is best to use a one-liter plastic box for food waste. It does have to be emptied more often because it is full faster than a small dustbin with a 10-liter volume.

Bio Filter Against Mold and Maggots – How To Disinfect Your Trash Can

Many cities and municipalities in the world have been relying on bio bins with filter covers for some time. A biofilter in the lid uses enzymes and microorganisms to convert putrefactive gases into harmless, odor-free substances. The lid also closes the garbage can completely tight with a double seal and also prevents vermin from the nestling. Some manufacturers of trash cans for the household try to prevent unpleasant odors with activated charcoal filters in the lid and antibacterial inner bins. 

Anyone who owns a conventional organic waste bin and is afraid of the costs of an odor-reduced rubbish bin can minimize the odor nuisance caused by rubbish bins with simple home remedies and a few precautionary measures.

Dirty Dustbins | how to keep the dustbin smell-free
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Newspaper Against the Odor of Garbage – How to Keep Your Dustbin Smell-Free

Organic kitchen waste such as potato or onion peels give off an unpleasant odor in kitchen waste after a short time. This can be prevented by wrapping kitchen waste in the newspaper before throwing it away. This removes moisture from the waste and locks in the odor. Old newspapers are also an ideal odor killer. It is best placed on the bottom of the organic waste bin. Besides, the paper can also have a deodorant effect. You can also use egg cartons to drain the waste. 

Baking soda – How To Deodorize Your Trash Can

Baking soda has also proven to be an effective remedy in eliminating odors to keep the dustbin smell-free. It is sufficient to put a few tablespoons of baking soda on the floor of the dustbin to minimize the smell in the garbage can. However, you should be careful with containers made of metal. The metal can be attacked by the baking soda. It is better to put it in a small container and place it either inside or next to the bin. 

Baking Soda to Deodorize Bad Smell

Coffee and Vinegar as Odor Killers – How to Keep Your Dustbin Smell-Free

Other odor killers are crushed charcoal or ground coffee powder. Keep them in a plastic Petri dish or small container inside the dustbin and they should repel the foul smell for days. You can tackle the stench even more intensely with vinegar. One cup is enough to thoroughly scrub out the large household garbage can. In an emergency, you can also use bleach for this but it is not safe to use. It’s best to choose a sunny day so you can work in the fresh air. You should also wear gloves for protection.

1. Add three cups of bleach to four liters of water.

2. Use a long-handled brush, such as a toilet brush, to stir the mixture.

3. Let everything work for an hour.

4. Then scrub the inside and the lid.

5. Now put the open bucket with the lid open to dry in the sun.

6. The stink-forming organisms are destroyed by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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Keep the Trash Can in the Shade

Since bacteria, fungi, and insect larvae feel particularly comfortable in a warm environment, you should choose a shaded place for the garbage can in summer to keep the dustbin smell-free. This also applies to the garbage can in the kitchen. The bad smell develops even faster in direct sunlight. So, do not keep the garbage bin in the balcony.

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