Head spinning, light-headedness or altered sense of balance is termed as dizziness. Dizziness means different things to different people and is caused by multiple reasons. Dizziness is not any disease but often a symptom of another condition affecting the person. The idea that home remedies for dizziness exist rarely occurs.

Dizzy | Home Remedies For Dizziness
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Dizziness can be a result of extreme fatigue or weakness in the body. People having Vertigo also suffer from dizziness. Usually, dizziness is not a serious condition however it is always advisable to pay attention to the frequent occurrence of the same so that it can be treated. 

These are some home remedies to eliminate dizziness and today we have listed down for you:

Focus On A Specific Point – Home Remedies For Dizziness

When you start experiencing dizziness, just hold on to the wall or the door if you are standing and take the support so that you don’t trip. It’s better to sit in a chair and minimize your movements. In this condition, try to focus your vision on any stationary object in front of you for long, this helps the brain in realigning itself and reduce the spinning of the head.

Lying Down – Simple Home Remedies For Dizziness

Lie down flat on your back also helps as it accelerates the blood flow to the brain. When you lie down, the force of gravity directs the oxygen-carrying blood to the head which increases the brain activity and reduces the light-headedness. 

Fainting | Home Remedies For Dizziness

Vitamin C – Easy Home Remedies For Dizziness

Increase your Vitamin C intake. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C helps in reducing the dizziness as well as vertigo. You can pick any of these and include them in your daily diet—tomatoes, broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, strawberries, and sweet potatoes. 

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Ginger is considered to be an excellent source of increasing blood circulation in your body. Increased blood flow minimizes the dizziness therefore you can have ginger tea 2-3 times in a day or chew a piece of ginger when you start feeling dizzy.


Yogurt boosts the immune system and helps in relieving the dizziness feeling so you should include it in your daily diet. 



Amla (Gooseberry) alleviates dizziness and increases the blood circulation in the body. It is rich in Vitamin A & C and boosts the immune system. You can eat 1 raw amla fruit every day or you can grind one whole amla along with 2 teaspoons of coriander seeds, add this to water and keep it overnight. Strain the water in the morning and drink daily. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Experts say that Apple cider vinegar is also effective in treating dizziness. You can mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with some honey and drink it daily.


Stress and less sleep also cause dizziness therefore it is very important to have 7-8 hours of sleep.

Sleeping Lady | Home Remedies For Dizziness
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Dizziness can also be triggered by dehydration as our brain needs proper intake of water in the body to function normally. So the next time you feel dizzy, drink a glass of chilled water to calm your nerves. 

Sugar Level

Include whole-grain products in your diet. A sharp drop in sugar level can also be a reason for the dizziness. Therefore, include the whole grains in your daily diet as they take time to digest in your system and maintain a steady sugar level, also they are good for your digestive system. Oatmeal, cornmeal, brown rice, millets, bran are some of the examples.

Reduce Substance Abuse

Reduce your intake of alcohol & cigarettes as the over-consumption of these causes dehydration. 

No Smoking
Body Massage

A nice body massage also helps in relieving the dizziness. Massage detoxifies the outer body and de-tangles the tight muscles, and acupressure helps in releasing the stress from every part of the body. Also, the blood circulation increases through massage which in turn sends the electric waves to the brain and energizes it. 

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These were some home remedies for dizziness. We hope that it helped. Also remember that it is absolutely normal for us to feel dizzy at times due to sudden movement, dehydration or stress. Therefore it is advisable to list down the things which you feel trigger the dizziness and accordingly take the help of the remedies mentioned above. 

However, if the problem persists, you should consult a doctor who can provide a proper diagnosis & treatment.

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