You know the drill, there’s work and work and then there’s more work and all of this leads to too much stress which makes you sleep deprived and then you drink till your sleep is back in the form of a blackout. Weekends are the worst, since, now you’re partying and drinking anything and everything coming your way. The story is same for millions of people who are trying to cope up with stress by drinking. But it’s killing you and in ways you couldn’t even think of.

Doctors and health experts have time and again laid out the side-effects of excessive drinking, the major one being a damaged liver.

We all have heard about the scaring result excessive drinking gives to one’s liver, yet somehow, we’ve not been able to put a halt on it. But when the talks fail, visuals come to the rescue and the same will happen to you too, after watching this video.

Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers, an American TV show, featured one healthy liver and one of someone who died of cirrhosis. The different between the two isn’t just huge and stark, but extremely eye-opening too. While the healthy one is smooth and has a rich reddish-brown shade to it, the damaged one is extremely scarred with greenish colour to it.

Watch The Video Over Here:

The doctor on the show that something like this damaged liver requires years of mindless drinking and it can put a man into deadly cirrhosis. He even said that one with a liver like this can literally bleed to death, something no one of us would want to see in our lives.

Hope this particular video reaches the right people, the one who needs to see it and realise the repercussion of their excessive drinking before it’s too late.

Jyotsna Amla

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