Our generation has grown up with technological innovations, from landlines to portable phones to smartphones, we have experienced, interacted and collaborated with our devices in real-time. This leads to a million possibilities being available to us and to participate in. After all, we have just 24 hours in a day and the time to explore everything around you happening on the Internet, is just not enough. Hence, a large majority of the Internet audience’s favourite place for using the phone is the toilet.

 Admit it, we all have used our phones on the toilet seat until we’re deep into the Internet hole, can’t feel our legs anymore and don’t have any idea about the time we’ve been in there for.

Relatable? Yes. Unhygienic? No. Should you do it? Absolutely no. 

Using phones at the toilet seat is not only unhygienic but also has an adverse effect on our health and mind. Keep on reading to understand what all this particular habit of ours is doing to us:

Why we shouldn't use Phone in Toilet
Image Souce: Pixabay

Spreads A Lot Of Harmful Bacteria

 If you don’t know, there are tons of harmful bacteria lurking in the nooks and corners of our bathroom and it can do a lot of bad for everyone. Knowingly or unknowingly, we touch things and places that transmit on our phones and can further be available to infect others.

In fact, a recent study states that our phones are dirtier than toilet seats. Taking phones to the toilet can further attract e. coli on them which is related to various intestinal problems including food poisoning.

Using Phone In Toilet May Lead To Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

 This might seem too weird to be true, but it in fact is something that many suffer from. When you’re sitting on your toilet with phones for longer periods of time, it can create problems for our pelvic muscles. This means that your bladder, vagina and bowel have a higher risk of slipping from their position since your pelvic muscles are not strong enough due to sitting in the same position.

using smartphone on toilet create problems for our pelvic muscles
Image Source: WikimediaCommons

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Using Smartphone In Toilet Can Cause Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are the swelling of veins in your lower rectum and it’s believed that increasing time spent on toilets with phones can be a reason for it. Though nothing for sure has been claimed relating usage of phones and hemorrhoids, the overall cases for the disease have certainly risen since smartphones were introduced. Hence, be aware of the time you’re spending on the toilet seat with your phone.

Dependency on Phones

We already have established phones and earphones as a great way to escape social situations and when you start spending more and more time with it, even at a time which is the most ME time you can ever think about, then your dependency on phone will surely take a high. Interestingly, as per a study 1 in 10 millennials have admitted to being okay with losing a finger than their phones.

Dependency on phone
Image Source: WikimediaCommons

Limiting Thinking Capacity

As we mentioned, toilet time is the most amount of ME time most people get in their 24 hours day, which is also the time when they think and reflect on their life. And, using phones has already proven to have a negative impact on one’s concentration and ability to imagine, since something new or the other is always there for our entertainment. Hence, we need to be more observant with our thinking and let our mind wander every once in a while, after all, toilets are considered to be the best kind of thinking rooms.

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These were some of the most important reasons why we need to stop using our phone in the toilet with us. Let our mind be free to think and imagine every once in a while, rather than just be plugged into a consumption mode at every waking minute of the day.

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