Health and fitness are seemingly more challenging than it was few decades before. From magazine covers to commercials to news feed, every place is populated with diet, weight loss formulas, the dos and the don’ts. Does that catch your attention too? Are you overweight and looking for some weight loss quick tips that do not fail? Then, this one shocking truth about dieting is definitely for you.

Are you ready for the Shock?

Shocking Truth About Dieting
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Dieting, or precisely, crash diet is what we think is going to help us in shedding that extra weight in flick of a second. Is this real? Here’s a shocking truth about ‘dieting’. Being a diet conscious person, I am less surprised but I am sure you’ll be pretty shocked with these facts.

  • 68% of people above age 20 are either obese or overweight.
  • Dieting facts reveal that nearly 65% of dieters return to their pre-dieting weight within 3 YEARS, or may be even more. This is termed as ‘Rebound Dieting’.
  • Only 5% of ‘crash dieters/rapid weight loss dieters’ are able to keep their results! This sums up to the fact that a startling 95% will gain it back within a few weeks. ‘Crash diets’ are those unhealthy diets which either have calorie-restriction or consist of only a few kinds of foods.

The shocking truth about Dieting

  • Going to a gym and taking the recommended diet with shakes which are supposed to tone you up.
  • Adopting the latest diet fad which has recently gained popularity in the market.
  • The popular ‘juice cleanses’ and ‘detox diets’ – the so called ‘liquid diet’.
  • Start skipping breakfast.
  • The magical stop-eating trigger at 6 p.m.
  • All cheat meals are fine as long as you exercise.
  • Carbs are the culprit.

The list can go on. The underlying fact is if that has not worked yet, probably this is never going to work for you.

How is it possible?

fad diet

The whole world is after it (losing weight and being fit). Then how come these can be just fads or marketing gimmicks? The less known fact is that the crash diet control plans and all of the above measures get you the result of losing weight. The reason for that weight loss is the extensively restricted calorie intake. And, the moment you try to get back to your ‘normal’ routine, the weight also comes back to the ‘normal’ old figure.

Simple, isn’t it? Yet it is frustrating and disgusting to have it all over despite those treacherous efforts.

Health tips that really work

It is not about just having a rapid weight loss to look slimmer and smarter for a special occasion. It is about you losing those few inches to be healthier and fit. Here are some candid health tips.

Diet Food
  • Eat a fiber rich diet and limit sugar intake. Sugars do more harm to your fitness regime other than what it offers on your tongue. Eliminate sugar and reduce the starchy carbohydrates intake to increase energy and decrease weight. Replace them with complex carbohydrates which will get you more fiber and improve your digestion. Proteins, good fats and non-starchy vegetables are your best friends in the weight loss mission.
  • Work around your lifestyle. Miniscule lifestyle changes can make a big difference. Regulate your sleeping time and start your day with small quantum of yoga, breathing exercises, stretching etc. You may gradually add a walk to your daily regime. During working hours, take a stretch break often. Walk while your talk on phone can be very effective for people who spend considerable time on calls. Parking your vehicle little farther and walking few yards is also a great initiative.
  • Distribute your meals evenly. Body needs energy to work throughout the day. So, never skip meals. Distribute your meals throughout the day into small meals. This will regulate the overall calorie intake and increase the metabolism. Thus the calories being eaten will be properly utilized by the body.

It’s time to get over the truth about Dieting. Choose a diet schedule and a healthy lifestyle for yourself and stick to it with a personal commitment. Bingo, you are getting closer to your celeb looks!

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