All that glitters is not gold, we are told. Isn’t it? This is a common wisdom. Yet, in the same way, can it also be said that all that tastes bitter isn’t after all, that bitter? In other words, can it be said that anything that tastes bitter may actually be better for one’s health? Confused? Have just no clue as to what’s being said here? Think again.

On lines of the above, there may not be a better example than that of Garlic. You know it to be of a pungent smell. You might have also encountered a lot many around who simply cannot stand the smell of this odorous vegetable. Isn’t it? But what if you were told that apart from helping out to stabilise one’s health in myriad ways, there also happen to be some amazing uses of garlic that you probably didn’t know of, what would be your reaction?

Well, actually think of Garlic in terms of being a person. A lot many would automatically suggest that it is akin to that horrible person who cannot be tolerated. But then, everyone teaches us something special and unique in his or her own ways. On similar lines, therefore, Garlic too can be put to a lot of usages.

So that said, let’s discover some amazing uses of garlic that you may not have been familiar with:

Garlic for skin

amazing uses of Garlic
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This truly is among the most amazing uses of garlic.

One of the most important constituents of good health, the skin is that part of us that we either remain obsessed about or are particularly concerned with. Isn’t that true? Perhaps, it could be said that anyone who states a difference to this view may not be too aware of the quality or tonality (upkeep) of one’s skin.

But when it comes to garlic, there are an awful lot of things that you can use it for in order to look after your skin. Well, apparently, garlic includes some invigorating properties that protect the skin from the free-falling effects of radicals. It helps in slowing down the depletion of collagen. This, actually leads to the loss of elasticity in ageing skin.

Garlic is anti-parasitic

amazing uses of Garlic

What does the world commonly have that it does not need? Well, apart from diseases and so many negatives, isn’t it pests or pesticides? They are a direct threat to the food we eat. Isn’t it? Studies conducted in the recent past have suggested that diluted garlic extracts help children with tapeworm infections. Now isn’t this among the best uses of garlic ever?

Garlic for mouthwash

amazing uses of Garlic

She won’t come near if you have that problem in your mouth dear! Ever thought about garlic as being a great source of a stimulant for an excellent mouthwash?

Well, that’s true. While, at the outset, a garlic-infused mouthwash may not seem like a very fresh idea, but the minty breath it provides also goes a far way to counter cavity-causing bacteria.

In an age that’s obsessing constantly about dental hygiene, what can be better?

Garlic to treat splinters in the hair

amazing uses of Garlic

Let’s play a simple game. Count the number of times where you may have heard about your girlfriend, wife or even your mother complaining about a bad-hair day? Perhaps, the number of times that one hears a female complaining about a bad-hair day may be more than the number of days there are in June.

One of the most surprising yet amazing uses of garlic is that it can be treated as a liquid extract to get rid of unwanted splinters in one’s hair. So, from now on, remember a simple fact. Apply garlic for beating stubborn splinters in your hair. You’ll remember that one, right?

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