Mankind is vulnerable to many diseases, some affected the physical functioning of the body while others target the mental aspect. From common flu to cancer the list of diseases and different syndromes is very long. And, while we might think that we know them, there are strange diseases and syndromes consistently popping up. We read stories about these diseases on the internet and some of them absolutely dreadful, whereas others sound too bizarre to be true.

Vampire Syndrome | Strange Diseases and Syndromes
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Some of these strange diseases and syndromes are not only weird and bizarre to the common man but also to modern medical science. There are still no answers to some of the diseases and why it occurs in some people, but that’s the most interesting part about it. Let’s check them out here:

Urbach-Wiethe Disease

This is a very rare and strange mental disease and there are less than 400 cases identified of this disease. People suffering from this condition are unable to process a certain type of stimuli, especially fear. All because of a pair of a pear-shaped structure called the amygdala.

This is the part of the brain which processes different stimulus, any damage or absence of this particular part results in the Wiethe disease. One of the most famous cases of this disease is of 44-year-old woman “SM“, she was first diagnosed with this condition in 1994. The closest thing they experience to fear is when they were suffocated with some amount of carbon dioxide, this amount is enough to give a normal human panic attacks.

Xeroderma– Strange Diseases And Syndromes

Often called the vampire’s syndrome, it is a genetic disorder and any person suffering from this condition is no less than a vampire. That is, people with this disease cannot go out in sunlight or else they’ll face severe consequences.

Xeroderma - Fear of Sunlight
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In this condition, the skin of the patient develops inflammatory spots if it ever gets exposed to direct sunlight and this inflammation may lead to an oncology disease. Eyes may get damaged too.

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Aquagenic Urticaria- Water Allergy

It is an extremely rare disorder and hence, needs to be on this list of strange diseases and syndromes, and only 30 cases have been confirmed to date, but medical science has confirmed its existence. It is a medical condition in which patients develop severe allergies to water, it usually occurs later in life due to hormonal imbalances.

Aquagenic Urticaria - Strange Diseases And Syndromes
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People develop burning rashes when their skin comes in contact with water, they can’t even drink water and could not shower for more than 10 seconds. It cannot be specifically termed as an allergy but hypersensitivity to the ions found in non-distilled water.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Often called Todd syndrome, the cause of this condition is still unknown. In this syndrome, people usually perceive a false image of the physical size of their body and its surrounding. The symptoms usually get accompanied by extreme migraines.

Hyperthymesia – Strange Diseases And Syndromes

Rather than being a disease or disorder, this is a medical condition that gives superhuman abilities, yes! People suffering from piking hyperthymesia develop a super autobiographical memory. However, it is still not clear what causes this medical condition.

Hyperthymesia - Strange diseases and syndromes
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People with this type of memory recall dates, events, images, and even conversations with every minute detail, and they’re able to recall these memories almost effortlessly. It may seem like a gift or boon but due to the exceptional memory power, people do remember the sad events which usually leads them into a much deeper depression.

Mirror Touch Synesthesia

We all have mirror neurons in our brain that’s how we react to other people’s pain or feelings. But people suffering from mirror-touch synesthesia can actually feel what they are seeing.

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It is a very rare mental condition in which sufferers can actually feel what the person in front of them is feeling for instance if a person suffering from this condition sees people hugging each they can actually feel that hug. For a very long time, it was considered that mirror-touch synesthesia is nothing but a hoax, recent brain imaging techniques have shown that the person with mirror-touch synesthesia can actually feel what they are seeing.

So these were some of the most strange diseases and syndromes are known to medical science in the world today. There are tons of other such diseases that medical science has no answer to and with time, there is some exciting news related to their unveiling.

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