Millions of people suffer from Parkinson’s disease worldwide. It is a disease of the nervous system that causes movement disorders in the advanced stage. But there are also early signs. Here is how you can identify the disease in time.

Parkinson Disease Symptoms
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Shaking hands, unsteady gait, and rigid facial expressions, these symptoms reveal Parkinson’s disease. However, these symptoms only appear when the affected nerve cells are largely switched off. The early symptoms are not so clear, and hardly anyone associates them with the nervous disease. This is tragic because early therapy can weaken and slow the course of the disease. Because Parkinson’s disease announces itself slowly and has early warning signals.

Parkinson’s is Widespread and Incurable

Parkinson’s is not curable yet and Millions of people suffer from Parkinson’s disease. On average, they are 60 years old when diagnosed. More men suffer from Parkinson’s disease than women. The cause of the disease, also known as shaking paralysis, is the death of nerve cells in the brain. They then stop producing dopamine, which the body normally uses to control movement.

Trouble Sleeping, Smelling or Digesting

Many unspecific early symptoms are spread all over the body and most have nothing to do with motor skills. Several studies have found the following symptoms common amongst people who later suffer from Parkinson’s.

Parkinson Disease

These common faults in the body are:

Digestion – especially with frequent constipation

Sense of smell – including decreased taste

Sleep – with violent movements during the dream phases

Sexuality – with erectile dysfunction

Change in handwriting and reduced control while writing

Muscle tension – Movement with excessive tension

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Skin Biopsy Enables Early Diagnosis

Today, doctors can find out whether one or more of the symptoms are actually associated with Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s disease can be determined using a small skin sample. The diagnosis is made by detecting certain protein deposits in the nerve endings of the skin in people in an early stage of the disease.

A Parkinson’s diagnosis, which is made years before the first typical movement disorders occur, could enormously improve the course of the incurable disease in the future through early treatment. Currently, however, the outbreak cannot be delayed or prevented with medication.

Symptoms of Parkinson

Parkinson Changes The Handwriting

Another warning sign is your handwriting. Studies show that the handwriting in Parkinson’s disease changes and the letters become very small. Those affected complain that they have made an enormous effort to write.

Others also notice that something is wrong with their bodies when they exercise. When jogging or swimming, it feels like one side is out of sync. The reason is that for a person suffering from Parkinson’s disease, one-side is emphasized.

What if There is Parkinson’s in The Family?

Those with symptoms should go to the doctor if they find these symptoms occurring frequently and there is no obvious explanation for it, like smoking as the cause of the olfactory disorder. This especially applies to those who have close relatives with Parkinson’s disease.

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If necessary, an examination with a specialist in neurodegenerative diseases is advisable. This is particularly important because starting therapy early can significantly improve everyday life with the incurable nerve disease.

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