“Being Healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend. Instead, it’s a Lifestyle.”

Lifestyle is all about luxury and the wealth that you possess. People may comprehend it this way, but there’s lot more a lifestyle has to offer to your life. It is the well-being and joy of living. Let’s have a peek into never to do things after a full meal – The ‘king size’.

1. Wanna have a smiz? 

‘No Smoking’ is only restricted for the specific areas and public spaces. Instead we as smoke lovers are keener on the Smoking zones in those places as well. Smoking is gearing up as fashion etiquette and communal activity. We look for people who can join us for a smoke break after meal.

Do Not Smoke
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Don’ts after a meal fit well for the smoke. This is not for those sixty carcinogens that come with it. But when the tummy is full, it may stimulate symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and may cause stomach ulcers. Smoking can also affect health of your colon muscles or the large intestine. Overall it affects your digestion process. Try chewing some healthy mouth freshener to break the habit of smoking.

2. Are you sippin? 

Tea and coffee make a good relaxing break. Never do things after a meal include your favorite hot tea. The tannins present in them will interfere in the process of digestion and will hamper with iron absorption capacity of the body.

Eating food is just the beginning of providing energy to the body. Once eaten a meal, the stomach requires blood, energy and heat to break down this food into molecules as part of digestion. In this time, the body is set to utilize the energy so do not exhaust yourself in other activities immediately after meal.  Avoid cold foods like ice cream and cold water. Drinking a cup of hot water adds to the heat utilized for digestion.

3. Wanna munch some fruits? 

Fruits are fantastic for health and nutrition. Dieticians and nutritionists also recommend good amount of intake of fruits in your daily diet. But the time it takes to digest fruits is around 20 minutes which is much lesser than the solid meals. When you eat fruits immediately after meals, the fruits get stuck in the track. It is because of the already present food. Hence they are rot and fermented before these fruits reach the intestine for digestion. The nutritional value will be completely lost.

Do not eat fruits after meal
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4. Planning a quick stroll? 

Physical and mental strain immediately after a heavy meal might disturb the process of digestion going on in the stomach. A walk immediately after heavy meal is known to trigger acid reflux and indigestion. It is best to utilize the first 30 minutes in mild leisurely activities before going for a stroll.

physical activities after full meal
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You may change into loose clothes which offer comfort to the body. It largely reduces the risk of constricting your stomach and waist.

5. Falling for a quick nap?

Aha! What a sumptuous dinner it was. Now all I need is my comfortable bed to lie down for a good night sleep. Surprised? By nature, the digestive juices are acidic in nature. Some amount of these acidic juices may flow back to your food pipe and cause that burning sensation.

nap after full mealYou can spend quality time with your loved ones over a light conversation. This will help you release the stress of the day and prepare you for a comforting night sleep after around two hours.

So enjoy health as much as you have enjoyed your meal. It’s not about to do or never do things; Bypass those myths about things to do after meal.

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