Sometimes we tend to do things continuously and unknowingly, which leads us to suffer problems. Though we never realize the problem could occur but we stay in the moment forgetting what could possibly happen. Take the example of using computers a lot, which is the norm now, considering everything has shifted online. We’re working from home, but more than that we’re sitting in one place for prolonged hours and it is causing a lot of stress. From our personal life to our physical stance. If you’re also undergoing severe neck pain then add these exercises for neck pain in your daily schedule. 

Neck Pain Causes | Exercises For Neck Pain
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Neck pain is not just physically taxing but can also have a negative effect on your overall productivity and might even leave behind a lasting problem if being ignored continually. 

But it can easily be subdued with some super easy and simple exercises for neck pain which can be done in minutes and won’t add any extra stress on your work schedule. Check out the exercises over here:

1. Neck Tilt – Exercises For Neck Pain

You would have seen old aged people doing this quite often. Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve turned old, calm down. But it surely calms your neck pain and provides relief.

Neck Tilt | Exercises For Neck Pain

How to do it: 

Sit in a comfortable position and tilt your head like making a circle with your face so that your chin touches your chest. Keep repeating this exercise for 5 minutes. Don’t worry if it pains, just take small steps and you’ll experience the relief this pain is leading to.

2. Neck Turn – Exercises For Neck Pain

This is a similar one of the exercises for neck pain, like the above one, and it stretches the muscles near your neck and shoulders, thus, relieving you from the pain.

Forward Neck Posture
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How to do it:

You have to start again by a sitting position and turn your head towards your left shoulder and hold for 4-5 seconds. Then, turn your head towards the right shoulder and hold it again. Repeat this 8-10 times and it is sure to relax your neck.

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3. Side-To-Side Neck Tilt

Yet another simple sitting exercise that provides great results for your neck pain.

Side Neck Tilts | Exercises For Neck Pain

How to do it:

Sit comfortably and tilt your head toward your left so that your ear touches the upper part of your shoulder, without lifting it up and hold for 2 seconds. Then do this again with the right side and repeat this process 8-10 times to get good results.

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4. Neck Stretch

This exercise relaxes your neck and shoulder muscles and provides relief from the neck pain.

Neck Stretch | Exercises For Neck Pain

How to do it:

Hold your body straight then stretch your throat by pulling your neck forwards. Remember, your body should be kept straight and shouldn’t go forward with the neck. Hold for 5 seconds and then repeat this process, but this time backwards. This exercise is sure to provide you with relief and good results. 

5. Shoulder Rolls – Tips to Ease Neck Pain

Another one of the exercises for neck pain that proves to be of great help during severe pain. It is very simple and beneficial.

Shoulder Stretche
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How to do it:

This exercise is best done while standing up. Hold your head and raise your shoulder upwards and make circles with them, keeping your head at the same place. This relaxes your neck and provides immense relief. 

So these were some pretty simple exercises for neck pain, and it offers instant relief and even works for long-term benefits. Now, if you are working from home and you require looking at the computer or mobile screens for hours then it would be great if you do these exercises often.

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You can also do simple circular rotations of your head and neck relaxing activities to prevent the strain from causing. Though temporary pain can be avoided by these exercises for neck pain, if you are experiencing major pain, then consulting a doctor would be a must. Take care and stay fit. 

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