If your back, neck, or other parts of your body hurt, sometimes only a massage helps. If it is not possible to go to the massage therapist and no partner is available, massage devices can help. These are undoubtedly the best massager for your back, neck, and foot.

We often have tension or cramp in the neck, shoulder, and back, due to the occasional sedentary work or lack of exercise. A good massage therapist can relieve cramping and tension in the muscles. However, a massage only makes sense if it is carried out at regular intervals. Massage devices include an alternative to therapeutic treatment by the massage therapist. You will find a large selection of massagers online. But it is all the more difficult to find the right device.

Some massagers are extremely good for a certain part of the body but quite useless for others. Here are three different types of massagers available in the market and all of them claim to relieve the pain in the neck, back, and foot. We will tell you the pros and cons of these massage devices and let you choose the best massager yourself.

Tapping massagers

The electric tapping massage, as the name suggests, works by tapping very quickly. However, the intensity varies greatly among the devices. The best devices should have a pleasant medium-strength however only some massagers are powerful enough to relieve severe back pain.

Besides, these devices are best operated by a second person. A self-massage of the back is cumbersome and uncomfortable with these devices and therefore not very relaxing. Tapping massagers are usually only to be operated with a cable, which is often too short.

By applying additional pressure, you can increase the intensity of the massage if necessary, but almost all devices start to stutter uncomfortably with increased pressure. This also happens when you get on a bone, which is generally to be avoided with the tapping massage. Yet, they are extremely good for mild massages.

Neck massagers

The beauty of the neck massagers is that you just have to put it on, switch it on, lean back, and enjoy. These massagers work with rotating balls that change direction every minute. The intensity can be varied by putting your arms in the loops of the device and pulling on them. All massagers for the neck have the same functionality which is two directions, optional warmth, and several speed levels. They are easy to use and are very quiet.

These devices work best on the neck, shoulders, and back. In the case of a back, it is not so easy for all devices to find a comfortable position. Legs and feet can also be massaged with these devices but it remains best for the neck massage. Usually, the neck massagers are supplied with a car cable and can therefore also be used in the car by the passenger. Among other types of massagers, neck massagers are more practical and pain-relieving.

Massage guns

Massage guns are mostly used for a massage but some people use the tapping movements with a lot of force. They are primarily suitable for athletes who want to loosen tight muscles. The massage guns in the lower stages can be used every day, however, there is unpleasant stuttering on all devices as soon as you press the device a little more firmly on the area to be massaged.

Most of these massage guns are largely identical. There are hardly any visual differences and the maximum intensity is also the same everywhere. Only the adjustable levels and some controls are different. All massage guns weighed between 800 and 900 grams, which can be exhausting after a long period of operation. Before using a massage gun, it is best to get advice from a professional as these devices have a lot of power and, if used incorrectly, you can also make your muscle problems worse.

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The truth is that you would only get to know the best massager for you, only after using them. If you already know by now which massager you wish to buy, we are glad to help. But if you don’t know that, our pick is the Neck massagers. 

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