It all starts with a thought, true, but nothing can be done without actions. In this fast-paced life, most of us are the victim of obese and we all want to shed off some flab. However, if you won’t start with simple changes in your habits, nothing can be done. So if you want to lose weight easily, here are some morning habits that you should include in your everyday routine.

1. Be Out On Sun

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Sun rays don’t have vitamin D only, researchers have stated that sun rays can actually help you lose weight. Make sure you get exposed to morning light every day. The people who spend more time in the morning sunlight have a lower BMI which helps them in weight loss.

2. Drink Lemon Water

Replace coffee with lemon water
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You know that already, don’t you? It’s an effective diet water. Drink lemon juice in one glass warm water in the morning. Its intake on empty stomach will boost your metabolism.

3. Take A Cold Shower

Hot Showers for Long
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Yes, it gets your heart pumping which is actually responsible for kickstarting your metabolism. Cold temperature actually helps you get rid of brown fat which is responsible for keeping your body warm. When you shiver, your body uses energy which ultimately means that your body loses weight.

4. Drink Green Tea Instead Of Coffee

Green Tea
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Caffeine intake in morning may help you open your eyes wide but it ain’t gonna help you get rid of bloating. So instead of your favorite cup of coffee, opt to drink green tea, it will help you lose body fat and help you achieve a smaller waist size. Antioxidants in green tea will work your metabolism right and also clear your skin.

5. Sleep

Reschedule your sleeping hours from 6 to at least 8. People who sleep less are likely to get fatter with time. So instead of waking up early without a proper nap, try and complete your sleep cycle so that your metabolism system can work properly.

That’s it. All these habits and you will start losing weight. Of course, you can push some workout in that schedule to get better results but first, you have to change your habits.

No one said it would be easy.

Avni S. Singh

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