Want to lose weight? Or boost your energy? Decrease your food cravings? Adopt a healthy lifestyle to be physically fit and active? Yeah, but is that really possible? So, get going with us to explore all about the Ketogenic Diet and see how it can become possible to achieve all these results in your life.

ketogenic diet for beginners

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic Diet is a diet which is low in carbohydrates, moderately rich in protein content and high in fat. The diet is such that it shifts the body a metabolic state of ‘ketosis’. In this so called keto state, ketones that are produced in the liver becomes the main source of energy for the body.

Basic dietary requirement breakdown:

A breakdown of the food with respect to your fat, protein and carbohydrates intake is:

  • 70-80% of calories from fats (approximately 144 to 177 grams)
  • 20-25% of calories from protein (nearly 0.8 grams per pound of lean body mass)
  • 5-10% of calories from carbohydrates (approximately 20-50 grams)

Foods to eat:

Did you know that our regular food has is majorly rich in carbs. Instead a keto diet limits your daily carb intake to the lowest.  Then, what to eat? Here’s a list of foods which are healthy for your keto diet.

ketogenic diet foods
  • Seafood
  • cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli and cauliflower
  • Green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach
  • Sprouts
  • Dairy products like cheese, milk, butter, cheddar cheese, yoghurt etc.
  • Avocados
  • Eggs
  • Olive oil and coconut oil
  • Nuts, seeds and berries
  • Dark chocolate and cocoa powder
  • High fat salad dressings

Foods to avoid:

Let’s also explore what not to eat. Here is the list of foods to avoid.

KETO Foods to avoid
  • Grains like wheat, corn, rice, cereal
  • Wheat in the form of bread, pasta etc.
  • Any forms of sugar like honey, agave, maple syrup
  • Carbohydrate rich fruits like apples, bananas, oranges
  • The starchy tubers like potatoes, yams
  • Legumes

Is Ketogenic Diet a fad?

Ketogenic Diet is no fad which may fade away with time. Also it is not a new concept in diet and fitness but became popular with some celebrities opting for it. You know how much we are influenced, way beyond just being interested in their lives.

The reason for its tremendous popularity between all age groups is its approach of reversing the body functions in a very positive manner and brings a different level of awareness amongst people about their daily nutritional requirements. Yet if you think what was popular in 2017 is not going to work for your fitness mission in 2018, it’s because of the mistakes that people make while adopting keto diet food.

 In its true meaning, keto diet plan cannot be successfully followed in “few days a week” pattern. It means that you change your way of eating and what you eat entirely.  You can try this as a fitness challenge for yourself to have firsthand experience on whether it gives desired results or not.

Summing it Up

Clear about what is all this keto diet about? Now that you know how a Ketogenic diet can be applied to fit into your lifestyle, try it out and stay consistent with it. Try this under medical supervision and be prepared to have amazing health results including weight loss to fit into your old jeans.

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