Whether you feel fit or look balanced, you never know for sure if your metabolism is working perfectly. Exercise and a balanced diet can make a big difference in maintaining metabolism but that’s not all. So how to increase metabolism and lose weight through it? Let’s find out.

How to boost metabolism

Do you feel drained and low on energy, even though you are very healthy? This could be due to a poorly functioning metabolism. But don’t worry, it can usually be easily cranked so that the body optimally breaks down the nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and everything in the organism runs smoothly.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the basis of all processes in the body. It means everything that is broken down, converted, and rebuilt into new products in the body. Every biochemical process in our body is part of the metabolism. The metabolic process is controlled primarily by the hormonal and nervous systems.

But environmental factors such as temperature can also influence our metabolism. The metabolism is ultimately divided into the substances it processes. So there is carbohydrate metabolism, protein metabolism, fat metabolism, and mineral metabolism

The Metabolic Processes – Break Down and Build-up

It is a common misunderstanding that metabolism and digestion are the same things, which is not entirely correct. Metabolism refers to all biochemical processes that take place in the body’s cells. Digestion is just a preliminary step in the digestive process. A distinction is made between catabolic and anabolic metabolism. Catabolism means breakdown, where nutrients are broken down into molecules and chemical compounds. Carbohydrates become simple sugars, proteins become amino acids, and fats become fatty acids and glycerides. This is how energy is produced.

Anabolism means building up. This process helps, for example, to repair cells. Amino acids, fatty acids, and glucose are converted back into proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. They help fight infections and repair injuries. Among other things, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates ensure muscle growth and cell renewal.

How Metabolism Works

Metabolism Correction Takes Time

The extra energy gained from food that the body does not need is safely stored in the fat or muscle cells and is used when needed. The problem is that those who regularly consume more energy than the body actually requires, gain weight. If you want to prevent this or at least keep it within limits, you should exercise regularly and burn calories.

Losing Weight by Boosting Metabolism – How to Increase Metabolism

May it be a diet program, fasting, or sport, those who want to lose weight often find that their metabolism must first be boosted. But it’s not that easy and you should also exercise will power to boost morale and keep going. To lose weight, you need to continuously keep burning fat. You can do this with the right mix of exercise and diet.

Stimulate Your Metabolism With Exercise

How to increase metabolism? With the right fitness training, you can stimulate your metabolism and lose weight in the long term. Whatever is hardest for us is often the most effective. It means that, if someone runs a lot, he or she will not necessarily achieve more by running. Instead, you might want to try weight training or high-intensity intervals.

And vice versa, if you do a lot of strength training, you should start running. To trigger metabolic adaptation processes in the body, you should look for new movement variants or unfamiliar loads. You can also try out new equipment or try a new course in the gym. 

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Metabolism Correction Tips For Those Who Don’t Like Sports

Even those who have not done any sport at all and prefer to avoid too much exertion can do something for their metabolism. What almost everyone could and should do is walking which means going out into the park outdoors and taking the fresh air in.

Fast walking or, for those who are a little fitter, even slow running is a good start to get the sleepy metabolism going again and is recommended to almost everyone over a certain period. When you go to the gym, it is even easier for beginners. There are programs for beginners where you can do additional strength training.

Woman Walking | Tips to Boost Metabolism

Foods That Stimulate the Metabolism – How to Increase Metabolism

In addition to exercise, healthy weight loss also includes proper nutrition. Certain substances in food are even said to promote fat loss. These include carnitine, linoleic acid, magnesium, taurine, vitamin C, and methionine. Methionine is mainly found in animal products such as meat, fish, cheese, and eggs. Cold-pressed vegetable oils, flax seeds, whole grain products, and nuts are also positive. Hot spices such as chili, pepper, and curry also support fat burning.

However, it is only possible to a very limited extent that food can stimulate the metabolism and burn fat: Overall, the best way to stimulate the metabolism is to exercise more. The more active, the faster the metabolism gets on its toes, the better shape you can expect to get into faster. Basically, you cannot expect a single food or substance to stimulate your metabolism. Of course, caffeine can have a stimulating effect, but not in the sense that coffee drinkers burn more calories as a result. 

Drinking a lot of water gets digestion and thus the metabolism on the go. According to Nutrition experts, an adult should consume at least 1.5 liters a day, ideally water or unsweetened tea.

Strict Diets Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

If you drastically change your diet while on a diet program, like reducing it from 2,500 calories to 1,500 calories, your metabolism will notice this and slow you down. When the body notices that it is getting less food, many functions run slower. So, if you try to lose weight with a diet that significantly reduces your energy and nutrient intake, it may slow down your metabolism. 

What Reduces Metabolism

Avoid the Escape Mode – How to Increase Metabolism

Stress reduction also helps on the way to an optimal metabolism. Because stress puts the body in a kind of escape mode and thus swirls the metabolic processes up and down. Even small breaks and rituals in everyday life can help here. Breathe consciously or catch a few minutes of fresh air at the window.

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Restful sleep also makes a decisive contribution to a well-functioning metabolism. If the metabolism runs smoothly, it even helps to stay young naturally. And without a doubt, you gain years of life.

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