Avoiding eye strain has turned out to be our daily errands because exactly who would want to work with all their heart and soul, and then end up being suffering from strained eyes.

Most of us are tied to our desk jobs in order to earn our living. We have to live through bad moods, days, weathers and everything in between, all in order to produce the best of our abilities. All of this is worth it once you get the successful result that you were vouching for, however, somewhere between the lines, we are forgetting ourselves and our health. When you give away crucial 9 to 10 hours of your day to your work while being seated at the same place and staring at the same thing, there are tons of health disasters that you’re committing. These disasters are slowly and steadily taking your health to grave situations and who knows, someday they might become the reasons to lead you to your grave.

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One of the prime effect that staring into our computer screens has on us are sore eyes and eye strain. No matter how much one tries, you can never really escape the conundrum. What one can do is try to avoid eye strain in the best and worst of cases. There are tons of things that one can opt for while avoiding it, here are 5 of the best ones.

1. Blink More

As obvious as this tip sounds, in order to truly avoid eye strain, one has to start blinking more. This gives your eyes the desired break from constantly staring at the screen and helps the eyes from further getting dry. Apart from that, blinking more cleanses your eyes more and aptly lubricates it.

2. Turn down the brightness

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Excessive light from your electronic devices can be a major reason behind your problems, hence one should turn down the brightness and avoid eye strain. Along with brightness also take good care of the contrast of your screen. Both of them equally contribute to your eye strain and can either have a positive or negative effect on the same.

3. Take breaks in the middle. 

Short breaks are a crucial part of one’s workday. Take a small break every 20 minutes and don’t look at your computer screen. Remember to avoid your phone screens also during this time, or you’re really not doing yourself any favour. A small break of 3-5 minutes helps your eyes to rejuvenate and rehydrate them. This is also the perfect time to just close your eyes and relax for few minutes.

4. Ambience lighting

Not just the brightness and contrast of your screen, one also needs to take care of the lighting of their surroundings. Remember to turn down the ambience light of the room you are sitting in. And, if you’re sitting somewhere from where direct sunlight hits your computer, then try shifting away from it.

5. Basic eye exercises

source: iCare Vision Center

Another thing that creates a massive difference in your eye strain situation are some basic and simple eye exercises. These exercises help in strengthening your eye muscles and keeps them from drying. You can simply roll your eyes clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Do almost 5 sets of these exercises every day and see the difference.

These simple tips to avoid eye strain can bring a lot of difference and more than anything, they save you from becoming a victim to a much larger problem. Dry eye syndrome is a disease in which your eyes stop making natural lubrication for themselves and end up being dry all the time. Certain symptoms of the problem include irritation, red eyes, itchy eyes and even permanent scarring in extreme cases.

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