Everyone has heard of fiber. Vegetable fibers that keep the intestines healthy and help you lose weight. But what is really behind the term and why is fiber considered to be so healthy?

what is fiber
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People who want to lose weight usually get too much fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes during a diet.

A good reason to eat on a plant-based diet is mainly due to the fiber contained therein. These fibers are especially important for human beings.

What is Fiber?

Benefits Of Fiber
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A distinction is made between soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is considered as a swelling agent and binds larger amounts of water in the intestine.

Soluble fibre is found in oat bran, barley, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, peas, and some fruits and vegetables.

Insoluble fiber binds less water in the intestine, stimulating the volume of the stool and thus the movements of the intestine. It is found in wheat bran, vegetables, and whole grains.

Fiber Benefits:

Benefits Of Fiber
Harvard Health

Insoluble fiber stimulates digestion and prevents constipation and digestive problems. Soluble fiber can help lower blood lipid levels and thereby minimize cholesterol.

In addition, fiber is said to help minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and Diabetes Type-2.

Daily recommendation:

One adult should consume about 30 grams of fiber per day. That’s not all since it’s equivalent to 200 grams of carrots, 200 grams of red beets, 200 grams of cabbage and about 200 grams of lentils plus a few slices of wholegrain bread.

You should eat these foods slowly and do not swallow, otherwise, you will get bloated and might get a stomach ache.

If you can not keep these amounts of vegetables, we recommend fiber in the form of powder or capsule. These serve the same purpose but are much easier to digest.

Consuming fiber-rich foods also has another benefit, especially for people who are trying to lose weight.

Fibre expands in the stomach causing it to become full and that sends a signal to your brain that you don’t need to eat any further.

Thus, when you eat more fibre, it results in you eating less amount of carbohydrates and sugar which ultimately results in weight loss.

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