Sometimes when we overthink about something, we end up completely destroying it and if you’re one of those who walk on this pathway then there is a high chance of you being committing the same kind of mistake. What we are talking about is how certain day to day things that you’re doing for the betterment of your skin is actually destroying your skin.

As per a study, we spend a significant amount of our income on skin care products which range from a face wash to a face mist, and everything in between. All of this is done in the hopes of getting one of those glossy and glowing skin that could be spotted from miles away, along with little to no sign of aging.

However, do you know that there are a lot of small-small things that you do every day, are destroying your skin with every passing? While some of them are done knowingly, a major part of the things in this list are done unknowingly which is why one needs to be even more aware of their day to day activities.

Here are 5 ways in which you’re destroying your skin, knowing or unknowingly.

1. Dirty Phones

Dirty Phone

Your phone is considered to be a safe space for millions of bacteria where they live and procreate into million more. Now just think how many times in a day you actually go ahead and willing touch it to your face. This is one of the most extreme and frequently happening things through which you’re destroying your skin and making a free space for harmful bacteria to actually get you.

2. Dehydration

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Nothing is contributing more to your unknown plans of destroying your skin than not drinking enough water. Water is the magic liquid that can solve almost any of your health, skin and hair problems, which makes it even more alluring to consume it at regular intervals.

3. Using Bar Soap

There is a reason why face wash was introduced in the market because how different and sensitive your face skin is, in comparison to your body’s skin. Stop using bar soaps to cleanse your face and actually go for something that caters to your face and skin type, along with the problem that you face.

4. Not letting your skin breathe

Every single day we embark on our day’s plans with a guard that looks and feels perfect in every which sense, be it in terms of our clothing or the layers of skincare products we apply. However, there are times when our skin craves for some time to let it breathe and relax.

5. Eating too much sugar

eating too much sugar
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We all crave something sweet every now and then, after all, desserts are known to be an end to all your day’s stress. And while it is good and necessary to keep one feeling happy, sometimes, we go overboard and that is one of the biggest contributors to you unknowingly destroying your skin and making a mess out of it, something that no one wants. Which is why one should keep an eye on what and how much sugar they are consuming on a regular basis.

These were 5 ways in which you unknowingly are contributing to destroying your skin. So, note them and do mind these things the next time you might be going ahead with doing them.

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