In today’s life, where one is always on the move without taking a break, whether it is for work, for studies, or for any other reason. Both figuratively and literally, we have been on the move and while some might think that taking long walks is out of fashion now, the reality is, we all prefer it. However, walking a lot can also take a toll on your well-being, especially if you have not complemented it with the right pair of shoes. Continuous and daily movement with wrong or discomforting pair of shoes can lead to corn on foot which is dreadfully painful.

What Is Corn On Foot?

Corn on Foot is one of the most common problems that occur primarily among sportsperson and athletes, however, if you’re someone who walks a substantial amount every day, or have wrong shoes for those walks, then you can also face this problem. Let’s understand more about it, as well as, why it occurs and what is corn on foot treatment?

Foot corn is basically the foot skin’s hardened layer which occurs with the response of the foot skin to pressure and friction. If you experience any of the following symptoms, then there are chances that you possibly have developed foot corn:

1. Rough and hard yellow patch of lumpy skin

2. Sensitive skin on the foot

3. Pain on wearing shoes or sandals.

But you needn’t worry about them, as they can be easily treated at home itself. How? We’ll tell you in a while.

But First, Let’s Understand Why Do Foot Corns Develop?

As stated above, standing or walking for long periods of time or wearing shoes that snug on your feet could be the main reason behind forming these hard and painful corns on foot. The weight of the body along with the pressure and friction leads to its formation.

How To Treat Foot Corn? Corn On Foot Treatment

In most cases, it is possible that the corn can easily be removed away. Try the following method to remove it off:

corn on foot treatment

1. Firstly, it is important to soften the hard corn, for that you need to soak your foot in warm water which has some salt mixed in it as well.

2. Use a towel to dry your feet after you’ve finished soaking them.

3. Use a body moisturiser or cocoa butter to moisturise the corn and repeat this process for a few days until the corn has softened.

4. Once it is softened and not hurting much, use a pumice stone to rub it off gently.

5. If it’s between your toes, use a nail file to rub it away.

6. It’ll take a few weeks until it completely vanishes away and with that, the pain and hardness are gone.

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If you’re hesitant to file away your foot corn, then here’s another corn on foot treatment for you:

1. Soak your feet daily as mentioned in the previous method and then follow the following steps.

2. After drying it off, apply castor oil on it. It is easily available at nearby pharmacy shops.

3. You’re required to purchase a special corn pad as well from the pharmacy store and once you’ve moisturised your feet with castor oil, use the corn pad to protect it. It’ll provide relief as well.

4. Once done, wear socks that aren’t too tight for you and they shouldn’t be new as the corn can lead to stains on them.

5. Leave it and although it can take weeks for it to completely go away, you’ll be much relieved with the corn pad and socks.

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If you don’t have a lot of time to follow these home remedies, then you can purchase corn pads which consist of salicylic acid, and follow the guidelines give on the pack after which your foot corns can disappear, as quickly as in two weeks.

If the foot corn grows really big or if the above-specified methods don’t work, then you can reach out to a podiatrist, a doctor who specialises in foot conditions. The doctor can help you navigate better through the problem and offer more reliable and quick corn on foot treatment.

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