Body odours are one thing that no one wants to talk about or even mention. Yet, it’s one of the major deal breakers for a large chunk of people. Odour, in general, has something awful about them and if they are being produced by a body part of yours, the entire equation becomes more problematic.

However, it is also one of the most common things to be found in people. We as human beings, are bound to be covered in sweat and bacteria, and can definitely be stinky in certain moments of our day. The problem arises when it becomes a routine, even though you have good hygiene and take proper care of your body.

Many time a bad smell can detect an illness or side effect that your body currently carries. And, we are more than often bound to ignore it considering we don’t know much about it.

Body odours do reveal a lot about your health and body to keep a close eye on them, in order to detect problems, early.

Here are 7 body odours and what they reveal about your health:

1. Sweet Smelling Breath

Sweet smelling breath
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While bad breath is a turnoff, there are some people who experience sweet scent in their breath. It might not be a bad thing or even a problem, though it’s considered to be a sign of diabetes. Do mention it your doctor and get consulted for the same. This happens because the blood sugar levels in your body rise and they start infecting your breath.

2. Bad Breath

Bad Breath

There’s nothing more deleterious than bad breath, it’s a deal breaker for many and definitely something that others around the one having it, can survive. However, it’s completely fine to have at certain hours of the day and that includes the morning. More often than not it happens because of the food you had the night before and goes as soon as you brush your teeth. But, if the odour sticks around even after brushing and seems to be particularly strong in nature, do notice it. As per doctors, strong bad breath can be a sign of tooth decaying or some gum diseases, so get tested.

3. Strong Vaginal Smell

All vaginas have a smell and it’s perfectly fine to have one. However, you do need to get yourself to a doctor’s clinic if there’s a change in smell or if it’s stronger than before. It might be a sign of infection which is best treated by a doctor’s consultancy. The list of possible infections includes bacterial vaginosis, yeast or a sexually transmitted disease.

4. Smelly Armpits

Smelly armpits

These are another regular body odours that our body produces since it comes from the bacterias produced throughout the day. But there’s a specific disease for those who can’t seem to get rid of the smell even after applying deodorant and showering. This particular disease is called bromhidrosis and it’s a technical word for the above-stated problem. It is a combination of testosterone precursors and fatty acids and produced in apocrine sweat glands. It might seem like a never-ending problem but no worry, see your doctor and it can be controlled with the right medicines and diet.

5. Over Smelly Gas

Passing gas is one of the most natural ways of our body telling us that it’s full, it’s perfectly okay to do it. Rarely there are some that smell bad which is again influenced by the kind of food you had. However, if you’re passing gas particularly often these days, and something that smells awfully bad then go to the doctor and get checked. It might be your body’s response to a problem like pancreatic or liver disorder, irritable or inflammatory bowel disease and food intolerance for particular foods.

6. Stinky Feet

Stinky feet

Stinky feet are bound to appear after a long day of walking or sports and it is a normal body odour. One can easily get rid of it after scrubbing or washing it nicely, but if the odour persists even after too much of scrubbing and washing then chances are, it can be a fungal infection. Yeast, fungus, mildew, and some bacteria like to live in warm, moist, dark environments and they can grow in the shoes

7. Scalp Odour

Everyone’s hair and scalp have a unique smell but it’s not so significant for everyone. However, if you’re someone who has a predominately bad smelling scalp then you need to get checked by a doctor. It might reflect on some skin condition, majorly a fungal or bacterial infection. Get to the doctor and start working on the well being of it.

As weird and gross these body odours might smell, they are just your body’s way of telling you that something is up. And, while we generally ignore it thinking it’s normal, do have a good look into it, as it might be a big problem.

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