We live in a world where physical appearance matters a lot. You don’t fit the criteria if you are a little too thin or little too fat.

Especially, the women are expected to be slim and sleek, preferably without any curves.

A new trend on social media in China is going viral nowadays. Named A4 size waist challenge the trend has seen many women trying to prove that their waist is equal or narrower then the A4 size sheet.

A piece of A4 paper is 8.3 by 11.7 inches. To pass the challenge your waist must be entirely hidden by the sheet of paper.

It has to be hold vertically as holding it horizontally is cheating.

The trend was started in China and it is quickly taking over people from all around. Until now thousands of men and women have posted their results on the various social network like Weibo, WeChat or Weixin.

However, the trend is receiving criticism for promoting ‘unhealthy thinness’ as a ‘model’ for female attractiveness.

Feminists are not happy neither do the fashion editors with this lame race of “A4 size women”.

Also, the women whose waists are wider than the A4 paper are taking the challenge as a body shaming practice.

20 Mar 2016

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