Food is essential for every living being and as interesting as it tastes, it is a complex entity. We eat so much variety of food everyday and still we don’t have much of an idea about what kind of food is affecting our health in what way.

It is as mysterious as star wars and food has a lot of tricks to play with our human body. We are still learning and discovering about what some king of eatables and drinks does to our body and what we found will leave you stunned.

Here are some of the common foods and their weird side-effects that we bet you never knew of:

1. Sugar Free Chewing Gums Can Mess Up With Your Belly

Sugar Free Chewing Gums
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If you thought that chewing a sugar free gum is a healthy habit then you are totally wrong. Chewing gums contain sorbitol and sugar free chewing gums contain more of it than normal ones. Sorbitol is poorly absorbed in our intestines and it also acts as a laxative. It can cause diarrhea and if you are not so in love with your pot, we suggest you stick with normal kind of chewing gums that are available in the market.

2. Margarine Causes Aggression.

margarine aggressive
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First of all if you have no idea what Margarine is then you should know that it is a cheap alternative to butter. The product promises to give you less fat than conventional butter and guess what it does but it also makes you aggressive.

A research suggest that people who consume Margarine become irritable and aggressive. In case you are not planning to beat the shit out of anyone, you should probably consume less butter but conventional one.

3. Carrots And Dates Change Your Skin Color

Carrots And Dates Change Your Skin Color
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Food like Carrot, beetroot, cucumber, plum and dates contains carotene. It is what gives carrot its orange and red color. When you ingest a lot of food that contains carotene it can actually change your skin colour and give it an orange-ish color.

We are not being racist but this is not a problem for people with dark skin tone but for fair people the color change is easily visible.

4. Coffee And Tea Cool Your Body Temperature.

Coffee And Tea Cool Your Body Temperature.
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How about drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee when you are already feeling hot on a particular summer day? Sounds weird, right? But that is the ideal answer.

Apparently drinking hot tea and coffee makes your body sweat which is the natural mechanism of your body. When you sweat your body starts cooling off and naturally it makes you cooler. We bet you thought we went bizarre for a sec.  

5. Drinking A Lot Of Coffee Can Mess With Your Mind.

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Coffee helps you in a lot of ways to reduce stress but addiction of coffee can lead to symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of Schizophrenia. Yes! Coffee gives you hallucinations and that too not simple but intense hallucinations.

A study made people listen to the noise you hear on your TV when the cable goes out, that is known as white noise. So the test subjects under this study that drank up to 5 cups of coffee a day said that they could hear a song in the background of the white noise and guess what no song was playing. That is some scary stuff.

6. Eating Soy Lower Your Sperm Count

Soya Chunks
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Soya is the utter delight for all the vegetarians as they get to experience the taste of Chicken. The popular vegetarian food is used almost in everything now, like soyabean oil, soya milk, soya health drinks and soya chunks but for men it is not healthy.

A research says that men who eat Soya have half the sperm count as compared to the men who did not eat soy at all. We guess you better quit soya if you are planning to have kids.

7. Alcohol Boosts Subconscious Memory

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When you get high after consuming alcohol you get the feeling of being on the ninth cloud. Ever wondered why? Human brain releases dopamine into your system that is associated with alcohol that gives you the good buzz.

But dopamine does a lot of other things too like it helps your brain making new memories at a subconscious level.

Now do not use it as an excuse to ghast down a huge amount of liquor.

10 May, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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