They taste simple, can be added to most dishes, or lavishly roasted alone. Potatoes impress with their versatility. But they are known to make you fat. But are potatoes really fattening you up? Are potato any good for weight loss? Can you lose weight by eating Potato? Let’s find out.

Potatoes | Potato Good for Weight Loss

Are Potatoes Really That Healthy?

Potatoes are one of the most precious staple foods. They have a high lysine content and are among the best vegetable protein suppliers. About 30 percent of the daily potassium and vitamin C requirements can be covered with 200 grams of potatoes.

When cold, potatoes have another health benefit. They contain fiber which is essential for the intestinal flora. They help the intestine to dissolve micronutrients from food, to transport them into the blood and to multiply important bacteria. Experts therefore recommend eating potato salad instead of freshly boiled potatoes. Potato is a very healthy and light food because the water content is high and there is a lot of value in it.

Do Potatoes Make You Fat? – Potato for Weight Loss

It is not the potato that makes you fat, but the butter in which it is fried so heartily. If you prepare 100 grams of waxy potatoes gently and with little fat, you only consume around 70 kilocalories. That is fewer calories than a comparable amount of rice .

So that the nutrients do not evaporate, the potato should be prepared gently. Baked or cooked potatoes with a little olive oil and rosemary are a good example of healthy potato dishes. They are definitely not fattening ones.

Baked Potato For Weight Loss

Do Potatoes Help You Lose Weight? – Potato for Weight Loss

To get the most out of potatoes when it comes to weight loss, either enjoy them cold or reheat them after they have cooled down. If you eat cold potatoes, you consume fewer calories. The reason for this is the starch it contains, some of which turns into fiber or resistant starch, when it cools down.

The resistant starch is one of the indigestible carbohydrates, which is why the potatoes have fewer calories. The same applies to pasta , rice and other starchy foods. Another advantage is that fiber makes you feel full longer.

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Do You Prefer Peeling or Just Eat the Peel?

Unlike tomatoes or apples, the health value does not increase if you eat the peel. On the contrary, if you don’t peel the potatoes, there is a risk of absorbing increased amounts of solanine. This natural toxin of the plant mainly forms directly under the skin and under the germs.

Half Peeled Potato | Is Potato Good For Weight Loss

Normally and also through special breeding, there is hardly any solanine in potatoes. The experts at the consumer advice center advise peeling, especially when children, sick or elderly people are eating.

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