From indigestion to common cold these benefits of mint leaves help you to fight through everything and work best for optimal health. 

benefits of mint leaves

Mint or pudina is one of the most refreshing herbs to grow and consume on a regular basis. It’s also one of the most commonly used herbs in food in India for the rich and zingy flavour it adds to our drinks, foods and especially chutneys. It is also a herb that is rich in medicinal properties and has been time and again boasted for the benefits of mint leaves, especially on one’s health and skin.

Mint is particularly known and popularised for its cooling sensation, and there are a bunch of benefits of mint leaves for skin which can be put into use by applying it on one’s skin or even inhaling its aroma. 

These leaves are easily available in your local market, and a huge bunch is already growing it in their own houses and apartments and balconies, which makes the entire process of acquiring one super easy. So, let’s start with some of the health benefits of mint leaves along with the benefits of mint leaves for skin. 

1. Treats Common Cold – Mint Benefits

Mint to Relieve Common Cold | health benefits of mint leaves

As common as the common cold is, we still struggle to find the cure for it or something that can treat it effectively. And this is where the benefits of mint leaves come into use which is exactly why it is used in so many vapor-rubs and inhalers and even medicines for sore throat and jammed nose. Mint is also full of various anti-inflammatory properties which helps in relieving irritation and chronic pain. 

2. Aids Digestion

Mint For Digestion

Another one of the health benefits of mint leaves is its masterful ability to aid digestion and make your digestive life a smooth road to walk on. Mint leaves have antiseptic and antibacterial properties in it which relieve indigestion and keep all your bowel problems on rest. 

3. Cures Headaches – Benefits of Mint Leaves

Mint To Cure Headache

If you’re someone who gets headaches very often and doesn’t know any natural or easy way to make them go away then you need to know about mint leaves. The refreshing and soothing aroma of mint leaves calms us and also helps in easing out the excruciating ache in our heads.

There are tons of mint-based balms and essential oils that can be applied to your temples and you’ll feel a sudden change in mood and headache. 

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4. Good For Oral Care

Another one of the great health benefits of mint leaves is its ability to keep your oral care in check. It inhibits the growth of bacteria in your mouth, freshens up your breath due to the germicidal properties it contains and even cleanses the plaque that has been clinging on to your teeth.

This is exactly the reason why mint is present in almost every toothpaste and chewing gum in the market. 

5. Improves Brain Functioning

Yes, your cognitive functioning and brainpower can increase with regular consumption of mint. Many studies have found out that mint leaves ups alertness, cognitive functioning and retention. Some have even stated that mint leaves increase our brain’s memory retention. 

6. Improves Weight Loss

Mint For Weight Loss

Don’t we all wish to keep on losing weight while we hog on everything and anything that our mind and body desires? But it requires a lot of exercise, healthy living and discipline, however, some studies have found out that mint leaves stimulate digestive enzymes which helps in processing a better absorption of food and nutrients in our body. This stimulates and betters our metabolism which in return helps us in weight loss. 

7. Good For Skin

Mint For Glowing Skin | benefits of mint leaves for skin

Now this one is for those who are looking for benefits of mint leaves for skin. These leaves are considered a traditional remedy for treating pimples and acne. This works great due to all the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that these leaves possess and they are also great for everyone with super sensitive skin.

You can form any kind of mask with these mint leaves and add in a few ingredients of your choice to suit the result you desire for and soon you’ll be left with 

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These were some of the health benefits of mint leaves which assure why these herbs are so important to us. You can consume it in plenty of ways, either with your drinks or by making chutney out of them, so which one are you trying out first?

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