These Benefits of coffee are a little known or controversial. Today, we clear the misconceptions about your favorite drink.

The brown drink is regarded as a stimulant and a wake-up agent and seems to be just right for the little break in between as it has an encouraging effect. But according to general beliefs, Coffee over acidifies the body, increases blood pressure and is bad for cholesterol levels. Experts oppose this and claim that enjoying coffee regularly can even be healthy for the body. Let’s learn how.

It is Not for Everyone OR is It?

For healthy people, coffee can be a good wake-up agent that increases blood pressure for a short time, but long-term effects have not been identified yet. But Some find it too bitter, others get palpitations, heartburn or inner restlessness. Although coffee is often discouraged when blood pressure and circulatory disorders are high, it can be beneficial because caffeine enhances blood vessels and facilitates blood flow. According to recent studies, regular coffee consumption does not only prevent a stroke, it can also reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes and liver cancer. But, elderly people who already have hypertension should not drink more than a cup of it a day.

Coffee addiction

Is Coffee Addictive?

For some years, scientists have been discussing whether caffeine in coffee is addictive or not. Although caffeine increases the activity of several brain centers, the typical addiction centers and the reward system are not affected. Coffee Addiction is therefore a myth. However, whoever is used to coffee, can get a headache and get tired, if the usual caffeine dose is absent. After about two days, the effects disappear again. The reason for this is assumed to be reduced blood flow to the brain.

Coffee keeps you slim. Does It?

Coffee has been credited with awakening and slimming effects. It boosts brain function, boosts metabolism, dilates blood vessels and increases heart rate. All these are an indication of higher energy consumption. The researchers have concluded that Caffeine in coffee can actually help lower body weight and then keep it low. However, only if more than an average of 1-2 cups are consumed in a day.

The Right Time to Drink Coffee

To stay active, one should drink coffee as soon as they wake up. Right? WRONG. Shortly after waking up, the body releases its own activators such as hydrocortisone. This activates the metabolism and makes you feel awake and fresh. For this reason, the value of hydrocortisone, which is one of the stress hormones, is particularly high between 8 and 9 o’clock and also between 12 and 13 o’clock and 17.30 and 18.30 o’clock. Anyone who reaches for a cup of coffee at this time risks the sparkling effect of the drink. But when is the right time to drink coffee? After 9 o’clock, the concentration of hydrocortisone in the body decreases again, and the caffeine shows its invigorating effect.

Is coffee addictive?

Coffee works against headaches

Coffee or caffeine contained in it acts like a mild painkiller. When it expands in the body’s blood vessels, it narrows the blood vessels in the brain, which are already dilated in certain headaches and migraines. Experts even advise in mild migraines to mix and drink a strong cup of coffee.

Coffee Increases cholesterol

The unfiltered coffee or espresso should be better avoided by patients with high cholesterol levels. In this type of preparation, the chemical compounds, such as Diterpene, Kahweol or Cafestol, which in fact can lead to an increase in the cholesterol level, dissolve and are supplied with the coffee to the body. With filtered coffee, however, these substances remain in the filter, including coffee grounds. But even with this coffee, people with metabolic disorders should not consume more than four cups a day.

Coffee against headaches

Coffee increases potency

Right. Coffee lifts the mood, increases the brain’s capacity and promotes blood circulation. Three cups of coffee a day are likely to protect you from erection problems. Men who consume caffeine daily from 171 to 303 milligrams had less erectile dysfunction. This effect however, does not apply on diabetics. In addition, coffee improves the mobility of the sperm. In male rats, it could even be observed that coffee acted as a sexual enhancer in animals. However, men should not over consume coffee to get better results, because too much coffee consumption can quickly reverse the positive effects. Studies also show that coffee has an influence on the woman’s fertility. How high this influence depends on the amount consumed. Limits above which a negative effect occurs are most commonly reported to be between 300 and 500 mg of caffeine (4-6 cups) a day.

Love Coffee? Now enjoy it Freely.

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