McDonald’s, who would not know about this name in the world. After all, it is the second highest chain of restaurants. You may not find a hospital or clinic nearby but you will find McDonald’s for sure. The cheap budget restaurant offers a lot of eatables in its menu that are so alluring that you can’t resist the temptation of trying them all at least once. It is like an unstoppable global force and this burger giant serves more than 75 burgers every second.

Have you ever thought while taking a bite of its burger that how it has all started? How a company became this big and favorite of most of the people in the world? No? Who thinks that while eating right? But what if we tell you, that there are so many crazy things about your favorite food giant, that will surprise you in a go? Yeah, we know that we got your attention.

So we have gathered 11 unknown facts about McDonald’s for you. No, they are not secrets but as a McDonald’s lover, you should check them out for sure.

Here are 11 Facts About McDonald’s That Will Surprise You:

#1Mcdonald Facts

#2Mcdonald Facts

#3Mcdonald Facts


Mcdonald Facts

#5Mcdonald Facts

#6Mcdonald Facts

#7Mcdonald Facts

#8Mcdonald Facts

#9Mcdonald Facts

#10Mcdonald Facts

#11Mcdonald Facts

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23 April, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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