In the realm of advertising and marketing, the importance of a logo is perhaps just as precious as that balance sheet upon the year’s end. You cannot fathom a brand in the absence of its logo. Can you?

Logos define brand identities and pave way for the public- consumers, buyers, audiences- to interact with the brand.

A logo is that distinct role-call for a brand without which its packaging can be deemed incomplete and a tad bit uncertain.

Perhaps it makes no sense to reiterate the importance of a brand’s logo again and again. It is, after all, a symbiotic way in which an individual identifies a brand and is able to separate it from the rest in order to draw references, opinions and choices.

Therefore, all that told, it may not be incorrect to state that it is but the logo of a brand that helps us to ultimately form our choices and determine the relative strength, weakness and an essential quality or property about a brand that lends it a different identity and persona.

What would you think?

Burger King
Burger King

In that regard, it makes for an interesting observation to note that several of contemporary brands’ logo carries a colour that corresponds to the uniqueness of the brands’ offering. Interestingly, as you delve a bit deep into the divergent world of brands that are about food (are food items), you may realise the essential importance of a colour that not only separates a brand from the other but also helps audiences connect with it.

So what’s the essential or staple colour without imagining which no logo identity of many a world’s favourite consumer brand is deemed incomplete?

Here’s a clue. Regardless of whether you happen to reside in the United States, are based in any of the Tiger economies of Asia, or happen to be in the colourful and princely continent called Europe, probably, you end up eating here a few times every month. Here’s another clue.

You probably like the French Fries and burger and sandwiches from this brand(s) perhaps just as much as you savour your mum’s All-American Sunday breakfast featuring Pancakes and cupcakes with chocolate milk.

Anyhow, let us dispense with silly assertions and clues and hit the nail hard. If you paid some observation, you may have noticed that the colour yellow is amongst the most widely used identities in many mainstream brands of today. And it has its own unique spot in the curvature of a brand for the longest time. 


Is it not true? Wondering how. Well, whether you like the McVeggie with large fries from a McDonald’s outlet or you instantly salivate after a 6-inch sub from the revered Subway, there’s no undermining the cohesive importance of the colour yellow. It’s a distinct aspect of the logo of both McDonald’s as well as a Subway but at the same time, its presence completes the collective identity of the said logos.


And that’s not all. There happens to be a wise reason that underpins the fantastical usage fo the colour yellow to both these logos. It’s time to finally take the cat out of the bag.

Now whether you happen to be from the sphere of advertising or branding or are simply a writer/blogger, consummate eater, shopper, automotive expert, painter, start-up founder housewife or even a student- there are more possibilities of you having eaten at a McDonald’s outlet or having walked away from a Subway with a veggie-footlong or something in that respect at some point of time than there’s the possibility of there being a fish in the Andamans.

So what makes the bright yellow such an important constituent of the brand’s logo? After all, what purpose does it serve?

Think about it for a minute and reflect on it for some time. Whether it is the famous yellow-coloured arches in the McDonald’s logo or the yellow in the Way of Subway or that famous stand-out line in Pizza hut- there’s a simple albeit affirmative reason for which most food-brands have stuck the bright golden colour.

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It turns out there’s a very clever reason for the colour choice.

Yellow can reinforce the feeling of reliability and comfort – and that’s exactly what fast food is.

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