“Together tea can do that! And guess what, Iced tea can do what Tea can’t!”

For some people, drinking tea is a common habit. It can be said so for at least a million plus people on Earth. Then there are those, who simply cannot imagine their lives without tea. For them, it’s a common form of existence. In fact, make that a part of a reason for their existence. Therefore, it’s not that shocking to find that the way some people chain-smoke, there are some who are chain tea drinkers, so to speak.

That said, what about those who do not like their tea in a conventional form? To put it simply, surely, there must be some who like the non-hot form of tea; what could be alternative? Well, it appears that in a bid to find out an exact answer to this jigsaw, someone thought of a very original idea called Iced tea. Simply make tea in a colder, chiller form and serve it with the combination of freshest tea leaves and juicy lemons.

And there came the great concept of a refreshing new beverage that was hitherto consumed. The iced tea has, since decades put together, changed the ambit of consumption of tea. Hasn’t it?

But every now and again arrives the question of innovation in the world of foods and beverages. So, in that regard, what are some of the best-possible Iced Tea recipes? In fact, how many different iced tea recipes have you tried? In an attempt to understand just what exactly are the most popular flavours of Iced Tea, we thought to present the same to you

Let’s swiftly run through an intriguing list here, based on the popular choice of recipes that are used to prepare Iced tea:

1. Fruit flavours

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Some of the most popular types of Iced tea recipes are based on fruits. Rather, simply call them fruity flavours of Iced tea. The reason, for this, is also quite simple; and there’s nothing complicated.

People generally tend to like fruits. In fact, given a choice, they’d rather have a fruit instead of consuming vegetables.

By that logic, one finds some of the best-ever iced tea recipes include the likes of Banana, Apple, Orange and, an eternal favourite, Lime.

2. Herbal Teas

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Well, truth be told, this one may just sound a bit perplexing. This is simply because one’s heard of herbal teas, that are meant for good health. But one doesn’t quite know about herbal iced teas. Isn’t it?

Now, that said, the only thing that’s different about herbal iced teas is that they are simply herbal regular warm tea made cool and served chilled. That’s really about it!

Among the cooler variants, the rose tea and the chamomile tea are a standout in terms of being a big hit among regular drinkers around the world.

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3. Cucumber Mint Green Tea

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A favourite in the lair of iced tea recipes happens to be Cucumber Mint Green Tea. This is, for best-known reasons, a refreshing beverage that, for possessing lots of nutritive qualities, can be had all around the year. And one of the reasons why the Cucumber Mint Green Tea has become such a staple hit is also because of the relatively-simple manner in which it can be prepared.

Here’s what one needs, at the end of the day: simply slice some cucumber and chop some mint, brew your favourite Japanese green tea, and combine all of it. Could it have been easier?

4. Iced Lemongrass Green Tea

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For starters, this is one of those absolutely guilt-free refreshing cool beverage that can even be had repetitively throughout the day. It doesn’t even matter if one’s having this during the night time. All one needs in order to prepare among the most sought-after iced tea recipes in the world are some tea bags and fresh tea leaves. Pour them over together with a blend of lime juice. Just ensure that you do not sweeten things up. And there you have it.


5. Arnold Palmer

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In India, they make temples out of you, if you are a successful actor or a cricketer. In the west, things are a little different. You may end up having an iced tea named after you. Can you dig that? Golfing legend Arnold Palmer, a sensation around the world actually has a famous Iced tea recipe based on his name and his favourite ingredients. Here’s all that you need to have one of the best possible iced tea recipes, peculiarly followed around the world, including the USA, UK and Ireland:

So what you need is equal parts lemonade and iced tea. Make a soft base mixing the two. Pour some mint infusion and some fresh tea leaves. Sweeten it a bit and there you go, you’ve got yourself an iced tea all love to savour.

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