We as Indians are known for our love for tea (chai) all across the world. We need it almost at every minute and hour of the day, in fact, we start our day with it and rightly end it with it only. However, between the lines of We Love Chai, we forget that there is more than just one way of consuming a piping hot cup of tea and more importantly, it does not always have to have milk in it. Which is why we need to be more experimenting with our teas and explore other options like, health benefits of ginger tea, benefits of green tea and others.

Talking about Ginger Tea which has gained popularity in the last few years for the tons of benefits of ginger tea and other good things it possesses.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is a fleshy spice which is brown in colour, very hot in taste and has a pungent smell to it. Apart from being used as one of the key ingredients of almost every Indian dish, ginger also has tons of medicinal properties, as well as, it is widely used for home remedies.

The easiest way of making ginger tea is by simply peeling the skin off a ginger and chopping it into fine pieces. Then add the ginger pieces to the saucepan in which your water is boiling and keep the two for almost 15-20 minutes and let it simmer on low flame. By the end of this procedure, you’ll have a piping hot cup of ginger tea with tons of benefits inside it.

Ginger tea is high in magnesium, Vitamin C and various other minerals which makes it an amazing drink for you to consume on a regular basis. Apart from this, there are some major health benefits of ginger tea that everyone should know about.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

1. It treats motion sickness

Motion Sickness

If you’re someone whose nerves get the best of them while travelling or being on road then you need to be best of friends with the ginger tea. There are tons of benefits of ginger tea, it calms your nerves and prevents headaches, migraines, and vomiting while travelling.

2. Asthma

Ginger Tea for asthama
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Asthma is another problem that affects a larger population of this world, and the number is only going up, considering the worsening air quality in some of the major parts of the world. Ginger helps in loosening the phlegm and expands the lungs. Apart from this, it also reduces the symptoms of allergies like headaches and constant sneezing.

3. Immunity

One of the major benefits of ginger and ginger tea is that it boosts your immune system and can help your body to recover from a major illness. Ginger tea also cuts down on your risk of a stroke and helps in getting rid of fatty deposits in the arteries.

4. Blood Circulation

Regular consumption of ginger tea not only improves your blood circulation but also lower the chances of fever, excessive sweating, and chills. It happens because of active compounds like amino acids and minerals that are present in ginger and they are useful in preventing different kinds of cardiovascular diseases along and even smoothens the blood flow.

5. Weight Loss


Ginger and ginger tea also works exceptionally well in terms of weight loss. It is a great fat burner and cuts down on the body fat without affecting the general weight of your body. This eventually cuts down on your calories without really affecting your body muscles.

6. Fertility

Ginger is considered to have aphrodisiac properties. Because of this, ginger tea improves the sperm quality and treats male fertility when consumed on a regular basis. This one is another amazing benefit of ginger tea which makes it all the more appealing to consume.

7. Stress Reliever

Ginger tea as stress reliever
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Ginger tea is an amazing stress reliever that calms your nerves, boosts your mood and refreshes your mind. Apart from this, its scent is another factor that has been proven to relieve stress.

8. Menstrual Discomfort

Another amazing health benefit of ginger tea is the effect it offers you during your menstruation cycle and how it helps you in escaping the dreadful cramps and pain. You can drink ginger tea or even place a hot towel dipped in ginger tea and put it on your uterine area and see the amazing comfort it offers.

9. Cough & Cold

Cough and Cold
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Weather change does a lot to your body and more importantly, it can make you go through some dreadful changes and can take a big toll on your health. In order to work your way through it, start consuming ginger tea regularly and get back to your healthy life, in almost no time.

10. Alzheimer’s

Another amazing health benefit of ginger tea is that it has the ability to cure Alzheimer’s. Ginger tea is known for its properties to reduce brain cells and protect the cells for a long time.

These are some of the best and most amazing health benefits of ginger tea that takes care of your body, mind, and soul.

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