Connaught place is the heart of Delhi. The place connects Noida to Gurgaon and Dwarka To Vaishali. The place throbs with a lot of hangouts and Restaurants. It has a rich variety of Food joints, Cafes, Restaurants and Discs. When you are residing in the one part of Delhi and your friends are on the other part, there can be no better commonplace to meet up and chill. The list of the restaurants in CP is quite long but if you want to plan a dinner or lunch with your friends or your family, or maybe you want to take out your special one on a date. We have come up with the list of 5 best restaurants that can iconic in one or more ways.

1. Parikrama – The Revolving Restaurant

Ambience: The name itself says it all. It is the highest revolving restaurant in Delhi. From the restaurant, you can have a 360-degree scenic beaut view of Connaught Place. Parikrama is one of the oldest restaurants in CP and it is a must visit after the sunset.

Parikrama The Revolving Restaurant
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Food: It serves north Indian, Mughlai and Chinese. There famous dishes are Murgh Lababdar and Murgh Pasanday. Service of the restaurant is a bit slow and food has nothing unique. Though, the hospitality of the staff is very warm and welcoming. It will cost you around Rs. 2200 for two people.

My Outlook: If you are going with your special one or you want to impress your friends than it is totally worth to enjoy the panoramic view but if it’s just another hang out then you should go order coffee or soup have a good look at the view and help yourself out after a while.

2. Zaffran

Ambience: The place has beautiful pictures of Connaught Place, since early days. The place has a deserted look and it is very calm with the light music. You can easily spend some peaceful afternoons and evenings there.

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Food: If you are a big fan of Mughlai cuisine then this place should be on the top of your must-visit restaurants list. They serve the best Mughlai in town, besides they also have North Indian Food. It has a cosy family dining and their Chicken Tikka Masala is delicious. It costs around Rs 2000 for two people.

My Outlook: Rs.2000 may sound like a huge sum to spend on two people but, believe me, it is totally worth. The food, ambience and hospitality will make your time cheerful.

3. The Great Kabab Factory

Ambience: The restaurant is located in Radisson blue hotel and the beautiful interior of the place will win your heart instantly. The ambience of the place is soothing and the staff maintains a class in almost everything. Since it is a special place, you can use it for a special occasion.

The Great Kabab Factory
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Food: The place is strictly for Non- Vegetarians, they serve the most bounteous types of kababs. The amazing flavours of mouth melting kabab will make your day for sure. Their Galouti Kabab is definitely worth trying. They serve North Indian food and their main-course is as tasty as the kababs they offer. It costs Rs. 3000 for two and they also serve Buffet (Dinner) for Rs. 1299.

My Outlook: I am a hard-core Non-Vegetarian and, believe me, they use the accurate amount of spices to make those dishes tasty as hell.  You can call it a paradise for all the Non-Vegetarian food lovers.

4. Saravana Bhavan

Ambience: Well, Saravana Bhavan is a simple and decent place. You will like the Carnatic background music and the place has the pure South Indian ambience. It is very popular among the South-Indian food lovers. The long queue for the sitting testifies its popularity and its elegant ambience allure the food lovers to come again and again.

Saravana Bhavan
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Food: The place breaks all stereotypes with its north-Indian styles dosas. The quality of food is really impressive and they are very consistent while maintaining their taste. It is a very pocket-friendly place as it cost only Rs.550 for two.

My Outlook: If you are a South- Indian food lover, then it is a must visit place for you. The place has a variety of Dosa’s and all you Vegetarian people will definitely enjoy the delicious taste of all of them.

5. Chew – Pan-Asian Cafe

Ambience: If you are fond of places that are hip and happening then Chew – Pan Asian Cafe, definitely worth a visit. The swinging chairs and great music is just awesome. The place has a fun interior and it’s refreshing. The place is apt for a date and your lover will surely be impressed by the choice of your place.

Chew Pan Asian Cafe
Image Source: chew

Food: The cafe is famous for its Japanese, Chinese and Thai Cuisine. The place has a variety of dishes on its menu. The King Prawn Tempura is a must try and it cost RS. 1,500 for two.

My Outlook: If you are going on a date, make sure your date likes Chinese, Japanese or, at least, Thai food. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time, but the place is worth visiting once as it’s ambience will make your mood happy.

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03 Feb 2016
Avni S. Singh

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