More often than not, we all find ourselves literally, being pulled apart by the sobbing and drenching cramps and pain, when we are on our periods. However, there’s this one question that basically revolves around our minds for the entire Menstrual Cycle, and that is, what to eat and what not to eat?

I still remember my female friends and family member coming to me with all their known list of food that one should and absolutely shouldn’t consume while they’re on their period. And, although not everyone is wrong, not everyone is right too, which is why we can sometimes slip out the important information.

Even though one should be allowed to eat whatever they want to eat because they’re already suffering from an excruciating pain, but then some food items harm your body badly, which is at times even irreversible. So, we thought of compiling all the food items that you should absolutely avoid when you’re on your period, period.

1. Dairy Products

We all have been told, not to consume curd while having your periods. However, the reality is that we should avoid all kind of Dairy Products. These products can actually trigger menstrual cramps which no one wants.

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

2. Fried Food

Sorry to break it to you, but please ditch that Chicken Bucket, as per researchers, fried food contains trans-fats or hydrogenated vegetable oil which elevate estrogen levels.

source: Pinterest

3. Large Meals

Remember that small proportion theory for weight loss? Well, just implement it on these days. As per doctors, the signals that tell your brain your stomach is full, tend to work a bit slower these days which is why we shouldn’t consume a whole lot than what we need.

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4. Processed Foods

Processed Foods have a huge amount of unknown ingredients and as our body is already going through a lot, one should probably avoid it working a whole lot in identifying unknown substances into the digestive system.

Processed Foods
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5. High Carbohydrate Meals

Another thing that you need to say goodbye to, is food that is high in carbs. Meals that are high in carbs make you feel irritated and tired all the time, which is already happening since you’re on your periods.

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

These 5 kinds of foods should be avoided while having periods, because, well you don’t need more tension that what you already have.

11th July 2017
Jyotsna Amla