Summer is upon us in full swing and no matter how much you love summer, there’s one thing that no one can deny, and that is, how dreading summer is. No matter how well air-conditioned you’re, there are certain moments when you have to step out and trust us, those are definitely not the best of times.

However, there’s one thing which is more unnerving than this dreading heat, and that is the appetite. Food is amazing and no one can deny that, however, the excruciating summer can often have a direct effect on your appetite, diet and on the overall health of your body. While feeling refreshed is the ultimate mantra of Summer, there is a time when we consume certain food item which makes us feel worst about our health and body.

So, today we decided to make a list of 5 worst and 5 best food items to consume this summer. They can basically make or break your entire summer. So are you ready?


1. Oily Junk Food

Best & Worst Food For Summer
source: Greatist

Junk food is meant for a soul fulfilling experience, however, it’s not at all your body’s best friend. While exceptions are accepted, there are certain times when you should definitely avoid these monsters and summers is definitely that season of the year.

2. Dairy Products

Best & Worst Food For Summer
source: Unica Sport

Try avoiding dairy products as much as possible, because even though a cold glass of milk seems refreshing to your body, milk starts to heat up your body and often gives struggles in digesting it properly.

3. Limited Spices

Best & Worst Food For Summer
source: Pinterest

As Indians, spices basically run in our blood and we can’t simply eat a salt and pepper induced food, it just can’t happen. We need our chilli, turmeric, garam masala and what not, however, limiting spices intake in summer is very beneficial for your body and skin. These spices are body heating and can have an adverse effect on your health and pooping time.

4. Tea & Coffee

Best & Worst Food For Summer
source: Salon

While tea and coffee are basic necessity to wake up from sleep, one should limit the intake of these hot beverages. Try to substitute it with a more cooler substitute of these drinks and you’ll feel refreshing and cool.

5. Dried Fruits

Best & Worst Food For Summer
source: FitDay

Even though dried fruits are considered to be a very healthy food item that should be consumed often, however, these items have a lot of heat in them.


1. Ice Tea & Cold Coffee

Best & Worst Food For Summer
source: Mixed Greens Blog

A much more refreshing substitute for tea and coffee is the colder rendition of it which is a favourite of many. Easy to go with and consume.

2. Fruits

Best & Worst Food For Summer
source: Mercola – Dr. Mercola

Fruits are another great item to incline towards, especially refreshing fruits like Watermelon and honeydew. However, there’s another fruit which is seasonal and loved by many in summers – Mango. But mango is said to have a lot of heat in it which is why one should also limit the consumption of it.

3. Coconut water

Best & Worst Food For Summer
source: Well-Being Secret

Coconut water is another refreshing drink which can easily be substituted for boring old water. Apart from being all natural, coconut water is also considered to have anti-aging and cancer-fighting properties.

4. Onions

Best & Worst Food For Summer
source: Clipart Fest

Many are very keen on the consumption of onions in the summer as it has properties to keep our body cool, especially red onions. Having onions in a good amount will also provide you protection against sunstroke.

5. Mint

Best & Worst Food For Summer
Source: Eat Something Sexy

Mint as a herb is great for getting your share of refreshing summers, and a great thing about this is that it’s readily available as well as inexpensive. Incorporate it in the form of chutney or raita and you’re good to go.

11th May 2017
Jyotsna Amla