People look at you in a particular way. And your looks play a significant role in your professional growth too. Take a look in the mirror and see if you have these men fashion tips going with you to look stylish professionally.

1. T-shirts

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T-shirt is every man’s simple choice of being in style. But never buy them in bulk from same brand. Consider the fit, color, fabric and style while picking them from the shelves. Avoid Graphic Tees as they look boyish.

2. Jeans for denim style

Denim is the in thing. Jeans make you look versatile. Yet one should avoid wearing too much faded ones or overly embellished to get that perfect style out. Jeans last for long time so add few good brands to make your wardrobe complete.

3. Add variety of lowers to your wardrobe.

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You can wear your uppers well with jeans. By adding a variety of trousers to your wardrobe will multiply the amount of outfits you can create out of it. This time when you go shopping, pick some basic pair of trouser in camel or grey color. See if you can add some subdued colors like burgundy or army-green to your wardrobe too.

4. Right fit is men dressing style

“90% of your style problems are solved by wearing clothes that fit.”

Right fit gives the perfect impression of your personality on others. And, it has to be followed with everything that you wear. Even to your glasses. Whether it is too big or too small, it is not going to look good. Instead it becomes too distracting for the other person.

5. Variety is the spice of life.

You cannot afford to look the same every day. Add variety of colors to spice up your daily wear. Wear rich colors as this reflects authority of your personality. Choose colors amicably so that it adds to your personality. On the contrary, avoid flashy and jazzy colors.

6. Style your toes and shoewear.


“You can judge a man by his shoes”.

Though old school thought, it still holds significance. A pair of quality leather shoes is a must have for any man to pose in style. Dirty footwear is sufficient to ruin the otherwise perfect outfit. Your footwear should go with the dress and be polished well.

Does this need a mention? Keep your nails clean and filed. Women do notice.

7. Accessorize your wrist

Accessories are tricky but your outfit is incomplete without that touch of extra style. A good timepiece adds to your personality. Not just that you’ll be on time, you’ll have an idea of time, even when your phone is away. It also reflects on your great sense of style and an eye for detail. You may even opt for a bracelet; it reflects that you style with intention and not just dress up. Other than the wrist watch, your bag also adds to your personality.

8. Add a layer to your clothing

Layering in men dressing style can make your looks more fascinating instantly even with simple clothes. You can style with variety and play with colors. Follow these simple rules to create those layers.

  • Even if it’s not the top layer, make sure that it is something you could wear on its own.
  • Ensure that the outer hem is longer than the inner ones.
  • Don’t make it a multi-color propaganda. Keep it to one bright, vivid color.

9. Groom with mild fragrance


Fragrances add to your confidence and personality as long as you keep them mild. It ensures you smell clean and fresh. Overuse can make you appear loud and marked out.

10. Lastly, Simple is beautiful.

Make sure trendy is just one step away from being tacky. Keep it simple without overshooting on things. Keep your wardrobe sufficiently filled with classics which will look good at all times. These classic dresses will help you in mastering the basics of being in style. Slowly you can add your personal spin to it.

Walk out wearing a confident smile. That’s the final touch in men fashion tips to your cool dude style.

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