“Navneet Josan” is the perfect example of how falling out of the line and making a right path out of it, is never easy. It demands sheer audacity to stumble upon something entirely different and make the best out of it. On one hand, she is a makeup artist based out of Delhi and, on the other hand, she is a bodybuilder in the bikini class category. She is the perfect fusion of beauty with brains and strength. With her two seemingly different professions Navneet Josan defies gender stereotypes of all kind.

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The bikini category is the least bulky category of all the women’s bodybuilding categories, this category emphasises muscle tone and symmetry over bulk. This 30-year-old Jalandhar girl works with a major international cosmetic company and she also competes in bodybuilding competitions on an international level. She started her bodybuilding career in 2014 and in her first run she did remarkably well. Next year at the NPC New York Grand Prix 2015, she stood first in the Bikini Novice and Bikini Open Competition.  

Navneet also stood second in the Bikini Novice competition, at the NPC Eastern USA Championship in 2015 and she grabbed the third position at NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup 2015 and she stood fourth in the Bikini Open competition. Navneet has brought two entirely different worlds together and merged them together beautifully. Those who think that they can only be the master of one trade but she already changed the aspect.

Navneet Josan not only makes people beautiful but also believes in making women physically strengthen. She is perfect in both of her forms, the masculine form – where she is a bodybuilder and the feminine form – where she is a makeup artist. She puts her best in both of her careers and she is a genius in making.

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The world has never been compassionate about the strong women who tried to break the stereotype image. Gender barriers have always existed, even the most reformist minds of the world preconceived the opinion about women in the field of sports. Navneet Josan re-established the norms of femininity and she is shaking the world with her strong will. She is beautiful, sexy, athletic and smart. A woman like her must be acknowledged and celebrated. Navneet Josan is shattering the worldview that revolves around feminism and we are proud of her!!

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09 Feb. 2016
Avni S. Singh

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