Whoever said no pain no gain was probably coming out of a tattoo parlour when he thought about this particular saying since it stands truer to nothing more than getting a tattoo. We all have dreamt of getting one and while many of us have already got one, there are a ton of us who still can’t move past the feeling of how much would the entire process hurt. For them, we have cumulated a list of some of the least painful places to get tattoo list.

This list is for every tattoo virgin and first-timers who wants to commit their life to a particular thought, yet don’t want to just jump right into it. It’s basically like a Tattoo 101 where you would know what is the best and least painful place to get tattoo for the first time.

In addition to being least painful, these are also some of the most common places on which people want to get a tattoo on, so, the chances are you might already be deciding on one of these places and this piece will turn out to be the confirmation you need.

1. Outer Arm

Outerarm Tattoo

Both the forearm and upper outer arm are some of the most common places to get a tattoo since these are places that can be shown off and also be hidden for certain occasions, something that every first-timer takes into consideration. These places also happen to be some of the least painful places to get tattoo because it’s a smoother surface for the needle to work on.

2. Thighs

Thigh tattoos

Another one of the most popular and least painful places to get tattoo are your thighs. Thigh tattoo is also considered very sensual and sexy, so if you’re looking for something like that then this is it. The reason why it doesn’t hurt much because of all the strong muscles that it has, even for people who don’t usually work out. Plus, it is a large canvas to get a tattoo so you’ll be able to get one of any size.

3. Calves

Calves tattoos
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Calves are another great place to get a tattoo which also happens to hurt very less. This is because of much muscle everyone has on that particular place. Moreover, the density of nerve endings on this place is very low which is why it does not hurt that much. This is also a large area which means you can get a bigger tattoo on this place without compromising on the size or details in it.

4. Shoulder

Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulders are another great and least painful places to get tattoo because of the fewer number of nerve endings on here. People who want an entire sleeve or even half of it, often go for places like a shoulder and if this is something that you would eventually want to go for in the future, then you should start with this. Also, it can easily be covered hence it won’t become a big problem for someone who works around dress codes and things like that.

5. Butt

Butt Tattoo

Butt tattoos are considered to be some of the funniest and most comical places to get a tattoo on, and, in addition to that, they also hurt very less. This is because of all the fat and cushioning the needle gets over here. Plus, it is a great place if you don’t yet know about whether or not you can commit to a tattoo because this particular tattoo won’t be staring in your face all the time. However, a piece of advice, if you’re in fact going for a tattoo over here then just settle for minimal and tiny tattoo designs.

Apart from these particular positions that are considered to be some of the least painful places to get tattoo on, there are tons of other things that you need to keep in mind if you don’t want to experience immense pain.

1. Know your tattoo artist. Every artist is different and sometimes it’s not the needle but rather the technique which can hurt very badly or like nothing. So, go for someone professional and who have been mastering their craft for a good amount of time.

2. Everyone’s body is different and this means that the entire tattoo process can hurt someone more than the other person, and vice versa. So, listen to your body and take the decision on that basis only and avoid the most painful places to get a tattoo.

Tattoo Artist

3. Size of a tattoo matters a lot. If it is your first time getting a tattoo then we would recommend that you should go for something that is simple and smaller in size since it will require less needle time resulting in less pain. Test the water and once you know what works for you and what doesn’t then jump in the process with your complete list of all the tattoos you want to get.

4. Sometimes the entire process of getting a tattoo doesn’t hurt much but the lack of aftercare is what hurts like hell. So, really look into the aftercare and work around it, since it indeed is the most important part of getting a tattoo at any given place.

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