Clothes are a reflection of one’s personality and how they want to be perceived by the world. But, we’ve all have been through some pretty embarrassing life situations due to our clothes. And, these are exactly the time when the friend with the best clothing hacks comes to our rescue.

These hacks range from everything related to your deodorant skid marks to wine stains to removing wrinkles in seconds. Moreover, they will turn your embarrassing situations into normal days, in an instance.
With these really easy and helpful clothing hacks which, without a doubt, will help you no matter what, your life is going to turn into a smooth sail, at least with by few situations.

1. Deodorant Skid Marks

Deodorant Stains - Clothing Hacks
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You must be familiar with this one. A situation where you wore a clean white shirt, and after putting deodorant, there is a ton of odd-looking deodorant residue on the shirt that doesn’t seem to go away.

Solution: SPONGE. Yes, a dry sponge removes all the deodorant stains and lines like magic. Don’t believe us with these clothing hacks? Try for yourself.

2. Tight Shoes – Clothing Hacks

Bought a new pair of shoes and they seem kind of tight on your feet? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Tight Shoe Hacks | Clothing Hacks

Solution: WATER. Just put some water in a small bag and place it in the shoes, and leave them overnight in the freezer. Now, this may sound stupid, but try it for once, and you’ll know it’s not.

3. Red Wine Stain

Clothing Hacks For Wine Stains
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You had a great night partying and had lots of fun. But you were so drunk that you didn’t realize that you spilled red wine all over your shirt.

Solution: WHITE WINE. Surprisingly, the stains of red wine are removed by white wine and very easily. But we won’t advise you to put red wine over your shirt for no reason, right?

4. Oil Stains – Clothing Hacks

Oil Stains - Clothing Hacks
Image Source: Freepik

One of the most common and annoying problems we all have faced are related to oil stains, they come unknowingly on our clothes, and they always disgust us. No fear, we are here.

Solution: TALCUM POWDER. All you’ve got to do is apply talc powder in the area of oil stain, and leave it overnight. And you can wear your favourite clothes again due to this great clothing hack.

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5. Armpit Odours

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After a tiring day at school, college, or at work, we all experience armpit odours which just spoils our mood. Here’s what you need to do.

Solution: LEMON JUICE. Just spray a little lemon juice on the armpit area and the odours will evaporate on their own.

6. Smell of Jeans

Clothing Hacks for Smelly Jeans

Sometimes, the weird smell of jeans bothers us a lot, right? The solution is right here…

Solution: FREEZER. Put your jeans in the freezer to remove that awkward and weird smell out of them and into the cold.

7. Wrinkles – Clothing Hacks

They surely are the worst in a newly ironed shirt. The best way to avoid them from forming is to let the clothes cool down after ironing. But if they still do form, here’s the procedure to get them off.

Wrinkled Clothes Hacks | Clothing Hacks

Solution: HAIR STRAIGHTENER. It is of great help while traveling and removes all the mini-wrinkles that form on your clothes due to all the folding and packing.

8. Smelly Shoes

We all hate it when somebody tells us to remove our shoes before entering a place, just because they smell so bad, and it is also very embarrassing. But, fret not, we got you covered here.

Hacks for Smelly Shoes

Solution: BAKING SODA. After washing your shoes, soak them with baking soda and then wash them with detergent. It also gives a bright shine to your shoes. You can also put them in the freezer for 24 hours or in the hot sun too for a day for the smell to go off.

9. Removed Fabric Threads

How to remove lint from Clothes | Clothing Hacks

After you’ve been wearing your favourite pants for a really long time, it started shedding those fabric threads, which are too annoying.

Solution: RAZOR. Yes, take a razor and shave your pants lightly, it takes care of those annoying thread collections and you can use tapes to take care of the leftovers.

10. Leather Stain
Stained Leather Jacket
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If you ever come across a leather stain whether on your shoe or your jacket, here’s the simplest clothing hack you need to know about.

Solution: VINEGAR AND COLD WATER. Just mix them both up, and apply at the stains, and leave it for some time. Clean it with a cloth, and there you go. Your shoes or leather jacket are all shining again.

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This was our list of the best clothing hacks. These solutions are sure to help you whenever you are stuck with some of the stupidest things which we’ve already mentioned. Don’t forget to be a little cautious beforehand with your clothes, like skip a light shirt for a fancy wine party, or don’t wear a piece of clothing out that you know might lose out on you any second.

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