Which are some of the best watches for men under 5000 Rs? How many brands are you aware of. These include both stylish and elegant timepieces

They say change is the only constant in life. And the only thing that changes constantly or moves constantly is time. Isn’t it?

There’s no butterfly effect in this. Nor is there any rocket science to the theory

Without there being a need to throw some moral science lecture, regardless of who you are and where you are from, time does not stop for anyone. It hasn’t. It won’t. And that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

That told, there’s therefore, every-possible need to keep a track of time. After all, whatever we choose to do and end up doing in life is directed against time. One simply cannot undermine or underplay the importance and role of time in lives.

And yet, at the same time, we can play around with this unmovable reality of our lives by decorating the way in which we time-keep. And perhaps, therefore the concept of watches has been such a popular one for the longest time.

In fact, so implicit is the love for keeping time and watches that one possibly can’t place a finger on a particular date in time when the basic idea of wearing watches became a fad.

Isn’t it?

And at the same time, it’s safe to say, in the past many decades- leading to a great many years- the concept of wearing watches has traversed utility and breached the domain of fashion. So implicit has been the concept of fashion to wearing watches that one sees the sheer magnanimity of designs and patterns emerging in watches.

What were plain or simple watches back then have risen as designer watches, haven’t they? Yet, for a lot many of us, forming the majority of people who cannot afford to spend beyond the conventional buck for luxury watches, there’s a sense to stick with economical yet wonderful watches.

This leaves us with an interesting question. When it comes to this country, which are the best watches for men under 5000 Rs in India?

Let’s try and figure out some exciting and interesting watches for men under 5000 Rs in India:

1. Casio Enticer

casio enticerThis is quite simply, a magnificent looking watch that punches about its weight from the perspective of being particularly elegant vis-a-vis an economical price at which it finds the wrist of the lucky wearer.

Often described as a watch that is both stylish and classy, it does bring a sort of refinement to the personality of the wearer. And coming at a price band of just over Rs 4000, it isn’t exactly a product to be missed. It’s something that beckons your attention.


A product made with finesse, this is actually a stainless-steel beauty. It’s a product that is simply beautiful and worth every dime one ends up spending on it in the end.

2. Sonata Ocean Series III Chronograph

best watches for men under Rs 5000
Cash Karo

There are watches that are worn by girls. There are watches meant purely for men. And then, there are impressive brands such as the Sonata Ocean Series III Chronograph, a stylish timepiece that is meant for both sexes.

The important thing, however, about this product isn’t just the above.

Despite its rather robust look, men and women can both wear this watch and can conveniently come up with a trendy look. That makes it an impressive item of purchase.

At a price-band of under Rs 3000, this is surely worth the money. Importantly it won’t burn a hole in anybody’s wallet.


3. Timex Fashion Analog Brown Dial Men’s Watch

best watches for men under Rs 5000
Cash Karo

An elegant, suave and highly understated watch, this is perhaps one of the best watches for men under 5000 Rs. Interestingly, it may be that kind of a watch that is embedded in the DNA of a quaint, sober kind of personality.

There’s always this sense of gravitas when one’s presented with a serene shade of brown. Then, when the product is hardwired into a refined timepiece such as the Timex Fashion Analog Brown Dial Men’s watch, it comes across as an elegant buy.

The EL 04 isn’t even priced at Rs 4000 that it would give anyone a run for their buck. At being slightly over Rs 3000, this is the kind of a watch you’d want for your dude or bloke.


What’s more? With there being so many interesting online offers running currently on a wide array of online shopping arcades (websites), there may be an opportunity to get the hang of a good deal.

4. Titan Octane Analog Men’s Watch- NE9322SL03A

best watches for men under Rs 5000
Cash Karo

In a lighter vein, here’s a watch with a full country code of sorts. What a unique model number! But to speak seriously, the browning on the watch makes this pick every bit worth the penny it commands in the end. It’s hardly about INR 3000-3500 in the end.

And when you do realise that you’ve purchased one of the best watches for men under 5000 Rs in the form of the elegant Titan Octane Analog Men’s watch, its essential simple design core would gladden you.

Not a watch that punches above its weight; definitely not a watch that starves for admiration, this is a simple bird that likes to try out its wings, if a poetic expression could suffice.


Go for it, there are few products that are both reliable as well as beautiful. This design from Titan is, quite simply, magnificence in an understated sense.

5. Fastrack Party Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

best watches for men under Rs 5000
Cash Karo

A brand that is particularly popular with the younger generation, this product, however, is more of a culmination of robust design and an elegant look.

This, in some ways, does seem like a great departure from the normal route that Fastrack, among the finest as well as the fastest-growing brands in India has taken in the recent times.

A good solid product that can even be carried rather flamboyantly, especially with attention paid to one’s dressing (in alliance with the silvery look of the watch).


An out and out party-wear watch that can actually come as a handy addition to semi-formal events for example luncheons and similar gatherings, Fastrack, as the brand’s name suggests is an ideal fit for a generation that doesn’t like to be told what to do and pretty much backs itself to go out there and chase its dreams.

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