We all are well aware of the importance of maintaining clean and clear skin. It not only makes us look good in front of others but also boosts our confidence. However, these days, due to high levels of pollution and contaminated air, it so happens that our skin is slowly losing its battle and accumulating a lot of dirt. As a result of this, we get acne and blind pimples.

What is Blind Pimple?

While we all know about acne, blind pimples are something that many aren’t yet too familiar with. Blind Pimples are basically acne that tends to develop under the surface of the skin. You can only feel them when you touch them with bare hands and are not too noticeable from a distance. But, they are very painful due to their position in the skin, which might be quite deep.

Blind Pimples | Why do Blind Pimples occur
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Today, we’ll go through the cause behind blind pimples and how to treat blind pimples, and even a few tips to prevent them from occurring in the future.

Why do Blind Pimples occur?

Just like normal pimples are caused due to dirt, oil, and bacteria clogged under the pores of your skin. Blind pimples are developed by the dirt, sebum (oil), and bacteria that get trapped in the inner surface of your skin. Eventually, it forms a lump under your skin which could be painful and also doesn’t have a head like other pimples commonly do, which makes it more difficult to get rid of and treat.

How to Treat Blind Pimples:

1. Never Try to Pop it Out

As urging it may seem, you should never squeeze and pop out a pimple. Firstly, because it isn’t on the surface of your skin and so it becomes quite difficult, and secondly, forcing it out might increase inflammation and make it more visible with redness all around. It could also cause scarring. So, wait and take other measures to bring its head out first and then pop, if it’s necessary. Pimple popping might lead to scarring and in certain cases, people have also faced permanent scarring due to it.

What are blind pimples | Why do Blind Pimples occur
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2. Apply a Warm Compress

Warm compresses ease the pain from the acne, and they are further helpful when whiteheads actually form. They even allow the opening up of pores, which would allow the pimple to go up to your skin.

Why Blind Pimple Occur | How To Treat Blind Pimples
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Apply the warm compress on the blind pimple area for about 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a day. You can even make it at home using a clean washcloth and warm water.

3. Use Warm Green Tea Bag

Due to the medical properties of Green Tea, it helps in relieving the pain of the blind pimple and inflammation caused by it. Simple take a warm green tea bag and keep it settled over the pimple for 15-20 minutes.

Green Tea Bag | How To Treat Blind Pimples
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4. Pimple Patches

Pimple patches are the most efficient and effective ingredient to get your hands on, in this how-to treat blind pimple list. The name just serves its purpose. It contains ingredients like salicylic acid which is acne-fighting. They help to remove bacteria and dirt and even unclog pores. These can be found at your nearest drug store and are small in size, plus they are transparent which makes them unnoticeable and can be worn throughout the day. Apart from doing what it does, it is quite satisfying to see the way it works.

Pimple Patch | How To Treat Blind Pimples

5. Apply Raw Honey

If you aren’t willing to use some chemical products or any other type of ingredient on your skin then, you could use raw honey. Apply raw honey on the area near the pimple and leave it overnight. It helps in settling down the pimple and while you’re at it, honey also helps in giving a natural glow to one’s skin.

Honey | How To Treat Blind Pimples
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How to prevent blind pimples from coming?

1. Wash your face twice daily. Both, at the start of your day and before going to bed.

2. Don’t scrub facial skin regularly. Once a week or two weeks would be sufficient for someone whose skin is prone to blind pimples.  

3. Choose your skincare products wisely and try to limit the chemicals in them.

Visit your dermatologist if you are experiencing more pain or if the blind pimple isn’t coming out even after a lot of trial and error.

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This was all the information one would need on blind pimples, why do they occur, and how to treat blind pimples effectively. Apart from all these things, do try to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a clean diet and regular exercise. 

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