Dealing with annoying tan spots can be extremely difficult because in summer whatever we do to protect our skin from hyperpigmentation and pigment spots, it eventually comes back. The unsightly spots are unsettling sometimes, especially on the face. Tan spots can affect hands as well. The dark tan spots on the skin are an unpleasant souvenir of intense sunlight, pimples or inflammation that stay on the skin for a long time and fade away with great difficulty. But we have got you covered with our tips on how to remove tan.


Effective Tips For Removing Sun Tan | Sun Tan Effect Before And After
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Hyperpigmentation, as the technical term for brown spots on the face, is particularly common in summer. They are the result of melanin overproduction to protect the skin.

Melanin is the natural dye of our skin, which also ensures that we are protected from excessive UV radiation. Fortunately, this discolouration does not have to last forever.

With proper care, you can stimulate skin renewal and the brown pigmentation because of the tan on the skin will gradually fade away.

Best Tips on How to Remove Tan from Face, Hands and Feet

Sun Tan Home Remedies
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Knowing how tan and pigment spots arise, we can prevent their formation. The removal of tan also works very well with the right whitening bleaching cream and mild skincare.

The complexion will soon shine evenly again. Don’t be impatient because even the most effective age spots bleaching cream cannot make tan on the skin disappear overnight.


How to Effectively Remove Tan
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The absolute essential for the summers is daily protection from the sun. Because it reliably repels UV radiation and prevents pigment spots from forming.

At the same time, the existing tan does not become even darker and more visible. Besides, the best sun protection is sunscreen. Two-thirds of all premature skin ageing is caused by UV radiation along with tan.

Simply put, we wouldn’t have two out of three wrinkles on our face if we only applied sunscreen every day.

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Retinol Serum For Face

RETINOL is useful in brightening and renewing the cells because it stabilizes the cells and promotes collagen structure. It also has a brightening and slightly peeling effect.

The peeling effect means that the top layers of the skin are removed. The pigmented cells are thus removed from the surface of the skin and the new skin cells appear.

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Vitamin C For Tanning Removal

In addition, vitamin C is a valuable aid in removing tan from face, hands and feet. Because the powerful antioxidant not only has a protective effect against the harmful free radicals that the sun’s radiation forms on the skin. It can also repair sun damage and also has a brightening effect.

Remove Sun Spots With Bleaching Cream

There are also special bleaching creams to combat pigment spots and tanning. They usually contain brightening agents that specifically stop the production of melanin to stop pigmentation.

Antibiotics Sunspots? Let Us Explain

Take care when taking antibiotics because prescription drugs are often phototoxic. This means that they intensify the effect of UV radiation on the skin many times over.

The result may be severe sunburns after just a few minutes in the sun. Suntan is naturally also favoured by this. Therefore, avoid the direct sun as long as antibiotics are taken and protect the skin with a high SPF(Sun Protection Factor) cream.

How to Remove Tan: Fruit Acid Peels

Glycolic Acid Against Sun Spots
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In addition to the targeted care of active ingredients against pigment spots and sun spots, it is recommended to carefully use AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid or glycolic acid) once or twice a week.

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This mild chemical peel removes the top layer of dead skin cells and reveals the re-growing skin layer that is not affected by hyperpigmentation. On the one hand, this ensures a radiant complexion.

And on the other hand, the pigment and tan are removed more quickly. This also boosts the cell metabolism, has a slight brightening effect, clarifies impurities and moisturizes the skin sustainably.

*Perform a skin test to ensure you are not allergic or hypersensitive to any of the above-mentioned remedies.

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