Does the hair grow faster after cutting or should hair treatments act overnight? Some hair care tips are myths while others are absolutely correct. We clarify some best hair care tips about whether they are Facts or Myths about hair care.

Best Hair Care Tips | Hair Care Myths

1. Coldwater Makes Hair Shine

An old home remedy for more shine in the hair is said to be a cold shower at the end of the hair wash. It is said that the outer layer of hair that gets roughened by washing, is closed by icy water. However, it is a myth about hair care.

Coldwater never closes the hair surface and it does not make hair shine more. In reality, Hair shine depends on the alkalinity of the water or the pH level. Washing hair with hot or even with cold water has no impact on the shine.

2. Hair Treatments Take a Long Time to Take Effect – Myths About Hair Care

Longer exposure time to hair treatments does not improve their effectiveness. Of course, you can also leave it on overnight with a cloth over your head. This gives a better gut feeling, but the effect is not increased. The doctors as well as manufacturers of the hair products, usually recommend around 10 to 15 minutes of exposure time and that is enough.

Hair treatments are the more intensive form of creamy hair products that are rinsed out of the hair after the recommended exposure time. The alternative conditioner is much less maintenance-intensive and is applied to the hair after shampooing, but is rinsed out of the hair almost immediately.

It is therefore advisable to use hair treatments from time to time rather than continually using conditioners. Both product groups promote the compatibility of the hair, but cures give extra care. Do not go with the market trend but think and do something right and care intensively for your hair.

3. Tying is Harmful to The Hair – Best Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Facts

It might be considered a myth but it is a fact about hair care. It is because if the pressure is applied in the same place for a long time, it promotes hair breakage. Especially if the hairband is connected by a piece of metal.

Therefore, you should never tie your hair together when they are wet, as the hair is more sensitive when wet. It is also advisable to keep your hair open at least for half a day.

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4. Hair Grows Faster if You Cut it

This misconception persists and seems to be widespread. Hair growth has nothing to do with cropped tips of the hair. However, regular cutting prevents split ends. It is a myth about hair care, so, the next time you visit the hairdresser, ask them to cut less hair and the hair will appear fuller.

5. Shower Your Hair Before Swimming – Best Hair Care Tips

Best Hair Care Tips

If you want to protect your hair in summer, you should take a shower before swimming in the pool or sea. It is a fact about hair care as the structure of the hair is changed if they are wet and because of their changed structure, wet hair absorbs less salt than dry hair.

Even after bathing in the sea or pool, you should rinse your hair thoroughly to remove excess salt because the sun, salt water, or chlorine from the pool can attack the hair structure.

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Shampoos with vitamin E or provitamin B5 can protect the hair from drying out with their sun protection formula. Regenerating treatments also moisturize hair after sunbathing and sea bathing. Some hair masks are not only nourishing but also have a cooling effect which is good for not only hair but for the whole head.

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