These exercises are perfect for your how to reduce double chin search and following them religiously can offer you a chiseled jaw in less than a month. 

How to reduce double chin

After every few years, there is some new feature or personality alternation that becomes a rage among people. At once it was skimpy and arched eyebrows and then it changed to more fuller eyebrows, there was your Rachel hair that became a massive deal in the 90s and early 00s and then we went full into the platinum and other crazy coloured hair. Now, is the time for chiseled and sharp jawlines which brings a lot of us to the question, how to reduce double chin?

There are a bunch of different questions that we all ask ourselves on day to day basis but somehow this – how to reduce double chin – is something that we all have given a good amount of thought. 

Now, there are a lot of reasons behind why we’re thinking this particular question, trends, healthy outlook, or in order to appear more attractive? Whatever it might be, the real point in all these questions is to understand how can we get rid of double chin because, for some of us, every piece of pizza and scoop of ice cream is directly going to our chin which is directly putting a lot of pressure on our selfie game. 

So, without spending any more time on why and what makes people ask how to reduce double chin, let’s get right down on the solution and it involves a lot of exercises, much like other weight shedding procedures. While some might look funny at first, there are some other ways which might be even fun for a lot of you. 

1. Chewing Gum

Yes, chewing gum is one of the answers to your ‘how to reduce double chin’ query. Something that we used to do as a form of rebellion and fun in our childhood is very beneficial for your mouth as it acts as a good form of exercise which reduced double chin along with easing our anxiety, improving brain power and even helps some in quitting smoking. 

2. Fish-Face Exercise

Fish Face Exercise to reduce double chin
©Instagram/ Miranda Kerr

Ever seen the fish face which basically resembles a fish, often done by kids? It is considered to be one of the best exercises to remove double chin along with removing face fat which makes one’s face look poofy. This particular face exercise also helps in balancing your head and neck in the best possible way.  

3. Smiling Exercise

Smiling Exercise

Who would have thought that smiling would not only make you seem happier but also works at directly helping you in dishing the double chin fiasco. However, this smile needs to be more creepy of some sort than just happy.

Clench your teeth with your mouth closed and try to stretch your lips from corner to corner, as wide as possible. Hold this particular pose for a maximum of 8-10 seconds and repeat it for some 5 -6 times. 

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4. Ball Exercise

For this particular exercise, you would need a ball, place it below your chin and press your chin down below against the placed ball. Repeat between 10 to 20 times and hold it for good 5-10 seconds for the best results. This might look very easy but it is quite difficult at first, however, it is one of the best and offers optimum results within no time. 

How to get a jawline

5. Touching Your Nose

Who all have tried to touch their nose with their tongue to prove that they have the ability that not many can boast about? Now, whether or not you’ve been successful at it, it is quite a good exercise on your quest of how to reduce double chin, just repeat the exercise at least 5 times. Performing this particular exercise regularly will strengthen your chin muscles.

6. Kiss The Sky Face

Another great exercise to have that chiseled chin and sharp face structure, the kiss the sky face pose. You have to do what the name of this exercise suggests. Just keep the kissy-face as solid as it can and elongate the neck as much as possible. This not only reduces double chin but also helps in relieving the neck tension that you might have been developing over the course of these days. 

7. The Pout

Everyone loves to pout in their selfies and even those who don’t have at least tried it once to have a look at how their face might look like while performing this pose. And, whether or not you look glamorous in your selfies with this pose, it sure does help in targeting one’s double chin fiasco. 

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These were 7 of the most efficient things to help you out if you also have been googling how to reduce double chin lately. Plus, if you are regular with your exercise and religiously follow a good diet along with all of this then achieving a chiseled jawline can easily come to you in less than 4 weeks. 

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