If you’re someone with big and curly hair then things like lasting hairbrush, hair ties, and comfortable hairpins are almost like some mythical creature that many might have heard of, but none have ever been able to actually see.

You have spent an entire lifetime till now to first hate your hair, then tried to change and finally started to accept its reality and love them the way they are. It’s almost like that stubborn person in your life who is good at heart but always needs some instructions to behave properly in public, and once they do so, they’re the life of the crowd.

To be honest, we don’t even need to tell you how hard maintaining and taming big curly hair is. It never listens, compromises or surrenders to your requests, but then they’re your and you need to take care of them. In order to make your life a bit more easier in the process of loving, we have accumulated 5 curly hair hacks that not only make your life a bit easier in handling this larger-than-life part of yourself but also make them look absolutely amazing in the present and the long run too.

1. Stick to your IT brand.

Beggars can’t be choosers, and with the lack of products in the market to cater specially to your hair type is the perfect reason experimentation is not your thing. If you’ve found your IT brand or a specific line of their products then stick with them, make them your hair’s home that provides it all the love and care it needs.

2. Comb your hair in the shower.

source: Sofia Pastro

Women often say that there’s nothing more painful and exhausting than waxing in order to make yourself look presentable, well these are the women who don’t belong to the big and curly hair community. Save yourself from the trouble of succumbing to the pain of combing dry hair and do it in the shower when your hair is still wet and still manageable.

3. Don’t wash your hair too much.


Yes, there’s a thing like washing your hair too much, or keeping them too clean. Washing your hair too much will strip them away of their natural oils and it would eventually lead to dry hair, now no one wants to go through that, do they? Twice a week is considered to be a perfectly good amount of times one should wash their hair.

4. Use T-shirts to dry your hair.

source: Hair World Magazine

Your life is truly going to change when you substitute your regular towel for a t-shirt in order to dry your hair after washing them. Regular towels tend to separate your curls and cause frizz, and we believe in a frizz-free life for all curly hair people.

5. Coconut oil is your holy grail.

Courtesy: coconut-merchant

This curly hair hack might not be new for a lot of you but it indeed is very important and definitely worth every thank you that can be said to it. Coconut oil not only manages to moisturize the otherwise dry curly hair, it also brings the life back into and adds the shine to make it look healthy and amazing.

These 5 curly hair hacks will make your life easier and more than that, it will help you make your mane look amazing and fresher than ever.

Jyotsna Amla

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